Let's talk about Exchanges

Will binance stop existing after switching to a decentralized form completely?

Well this is going to be fun…

The banks are shutting down accounts for SurBTC/Buda here in Chile (again!). This will be the second time they’ve tried to freeze out crypto here, last time the banks were taken to court and lost.

Edit: My bad…what I thought was new news was an old message left rusting in my mailbox. It was referring to the previous bank blockade.

Edit: Their problem over the weekend was caused by a change made by their bank which broke automatic fiat deposits. All working properly now.

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Can login though it appears read only currently

Me too, still something, and luckly all my funds are there. Seems indeed only ETH and ERC tokens have been hacked …

The markets seem to work …

ok, seems the read only version are pre-hack numbers, at least it seems like that reading some twitter posts regarding cryptopia …

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Unfortunately for Coinbase, Neutrino was founded in 2016 by Giancarlo Russo (Chief Executive Officer), Marco Valleri (Chief Research Officer), and Alberto Ornaghi (Chief Technology Officer), all three of whom are former employees of Hacking Team, a company that had been caught several times selling its “offensive technology” to some governments with poor human rights records).

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I figured it was high but not almost all of it

I knew it was in the ~75%, especially for ZEC, but 95% for BTC is something i did not await for sure…

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" * In 2017 an attacker was able to exploit a concurrency bug in the Stellar protocol’s “MergeOPFrame::doApply” function, and create 2.25 billion $XLM worth approximately $10 million at the time."

(Ok I cant lie, I did but I gave em right back! :zcash:)

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Earn $50 XLM, you can trade for almost 1 ZEC. Sounds like a good deal for watching some videos. :sweat_smile:


I think its $10 and then $40 for referrals

It is, and I’m on the waiting list…

While there noticed that my Zcash tutorial was ready, made $3.00 dollars worth of Zcash in 60 seconds

Wonder if this is why they got called back


Who got called back where?

In the live stream, back to Tokyo