Let's talk about Exchanges


I missed that part, perhaps they are speaking with Japanese regulators about lifting the ban on private cryptocurrencies?



Earn XLM page on coinbase > zcash earn page on coinbase.

Knowing you are getting 2$ worth of XLM is better than watching videos promising ZEC that might never arrive, and if WHEN and how much?


$3 in Zec and idk when, I suppose the waiting list varies


It took about 9 days for me (waiting list) then after completing the funds were there instantly.


I did the same (more than a month ago?), no funds to be found…

Maybe because I’ve bought dozens of ZEC from coinbase?


I have never purchased Zcash through CoinBase; if you completed the video’s you should get the funds, or are you still on the waiting list?

I’ve completed the BAT and ZEC, waiting for Steller




I missed these, what have you to do to get these? Watching videos or what is it about?


Coinbase watch a 2 to 4 minute video and answer 1 or 2 questions.

With Zec, I hit play, skipped to the end and answered the question. Those videos aren’t going to tell me anything I do not already know :smile:


If this is true Kraken is in trouble



And because 4 in a row aint allowed

Sucks I guess but I would never agree to terms like that, ridiculous





Kinda screwed that one up