Let's talk about Exchanges

I missed that part, perhaps they are speaking with Japanese regulators about lifting the ban on private cryptocurrencies?


Earn XLM page on coinbase > zcash earn page on coinbase.

Knowing you are getting 2$ worth of XLM is better than watching videos promising ZEC that might never arrive, and if WHEN and how much?

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$3 in Zec and idk when, I suppose the waiting list varies

It took about 9 days for me (waiting list) then after completing the funds were there instantly.

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I did the same (more than a month ago?), no funds to be found…

Maybe because I’ve bought dozens of ZEC from coinbase?

I have never purchased Zcash through CoinBase; if you completed the video’s you should get the funds, or are you still on the waiting list?

I’ve completed the BAT and ZEC, waiting for Steller



I missed these, what have you to do to get these? Watching videos or what is it about?

Coinbase watch a 2 to 4 minute video and answer 1 or 2 questions.

With Zec, I hit play, skipped to the end and answered the question. Those videos aren’t going to tell me anything I do not already know :smile:

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If this is true Kraken is in trouble

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And because 4 in a row aint allowed

Sucks I guess but I would never agree to terms like that, ridiculous

Kinda screwed that one up

Researchers: DEXs plagued by malicious trading bots


and here the full research paper:

Bitfinex cold wallets are getting empty, their price has been removed from coinmarketcap’s average price for Bitcoin, lawyers are on their tails, it seems like another Mt.Gox ready to hit. Tether only 74% backed
All I can say is, stay safe and withdraw from Bitfinex.

What do you guys think?

Funds r not SAFU

The beauty of transparent addresses: knowing with a good approximation how many coins are left into an exchange.
Will be even funnier to track were the stolen btc will travel to. :smiley:

This can be the end for the btc credibility or to a push in developing a new anonymization layer onto the protocol.