Zcash Cloud Mining Scam - BEWARE!

I purchased a cloud mining contract from lightning asic, here are the details;

Contract:3 Months

Here are the screenshots confirming the order (via and the payment tx-id:

Payment sent:

The mining was suppose to start on 28th October and receive payments daily. This is how much I have received from them since:

Friday 4th November - Payment 1: 0.005 zect
Monday 7th November Payment 2: 0.012 zec
Total received: 0.017 zec

Zcash payment address:

The other payments on that address are from my own mining rigs, as confirmed by the wechat excerpts (see screenshot below) with Anna.

This is nothing close to what 150 h/s should deliver, at current difficulty we should be receiving 0.025-0.027 zec a day. Not to mention all the zec they owe me for the others days that there was no payment. Ten times less than what I have received from other cloud mining companies for just 50 h/s.

At this moment I suspect that they do not actually have any GPU miners pointing at the zcash network. It appears they are waiting for the zcash price to completely crash and then they will pay what they “owe” by buying zcash cheaply on the exchanges themselves. This is textbook ponzi behaviour and I would strongly suggest anybody who is thinking about purchasing from lightningasic to reconsider.

Here are some interesting screenshots from the on-going conversation with these guys…

Yeah its pretty bad, they could at least rent some power off Nicehash and mine for you that way, they would still make a profit by the price that they paid you.

On bitcointalk, they screwed over a few people with ASICs also. Best to avoid them… or any Cloud mining companies