OS for ZEC Mining

What’s the best OS for mining ZEC? I know in Eth, linux is better, but so are AMD cards. I know Nvidia is better for mining ZEC, but I’m assuming Linux still > Windows? If so, what kind of difference does it make in hash rates?


I think it depens on the driver situation, Linux or Windows or Mac doesn’t matter that much. I had some problmes with my GTX 980 TI on Linux because the driver don’t work very well.

Linux - 389 - 420H/s
Win - 396 - 420H/s

Choose the OS that make less problems and I think thats windows on this point.


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Great point! I didn’t even think about driver compatibility. I am actually
also using a 980TI, and waiting for a 1080TI in the mail. Windows would
definitely be more up-to-date with Nvidia driver compatibility. I’ve never
had a problem with it, and I’ve been using Nvidia cards for 11 years.