Linux Zec wallet troubles

Hi Guys,

I am using zec wallet for linux for a while, but I have some bad experience. Every time I have got new payment I lost all my previous funds in shielded address, it was not so big sums, but it’s very strange, I have try to synchronize my wallet from the start, I have try to export private keys to windows wallet, but all my old address balance are zeros :((( Please help or I don’t know something…

that is scary and nightmare if big sum

I’m sorry to hear this. Are you using the Zecwallet full node? It uses the zcashd’s wallet, so if you delete or remove your zcashd folder, your funds might have got lost that way.

In any case, can you try the Zecwallet light wallet? That uses a seed phrase, so you will always have the full wallet recoverable if you write down your seed phrase.


I am using Light version, I have synced it many times, but no luck, my old address was zero after I have got new payment, but it was strange when yesterday I have got payment and my funds in old address not dissapeared, so I think the bug was fixed. It was very sad situation to lost around 4 ZEC, but I am lucky that I have not lost more :slight_smile: