Looking for a BIOS modding veteran to teach me

Recently I got into modding BIOSs for my cards because I heard that memory straps/timings could improve performance. Basically I went in and besides undervolting, I copied the 1500 memory timing to all the others. But, to be frank I have no idea what I did. I’d like to know more about stuff like this if anyone is willing to shoot me a few PMs. Thanks!

I’m interested in details as well!

Maybe I little video on ‘‘HOW TO’’ would be good.

would help a few people out imo

I may be watching this thread too lol

Lol, looking for a veteran but got a bunch of people just like me.

you wanna talk to this guy:

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Thanks, will do. Like your videos. Keep it up.

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Thanks, will do, will do :slight_smile:

any guide fo 280x cards guys ?

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