Looking for custom ROM for Sapphire Rx 480 8GB Nitro+ to hit 50H/s on ZCASH

Hey there,

so i have 4 new plugged cards that reach 38/sol each.

Can someone help me to get them up to 50/sol? I saw that its possible but dont know where to start.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Memory strap bios mod and OC the ram most likely

Haven't looked it up exactly, but that's how my 470 8 GB cards are hitting 50 Sol/s


What is a memory strap bios mod'? :slight_smile: and where can i find it for my cards?

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It's the act of copying the timings value for a lower freq (tighter timing) and copying them into a higher freq (the one the card runs full blast on) in order to achieve higher performance.

Google search your make and model of card + memory strap bios mod download

This requires flashing your bios on your card. So proceed with caution as there are risks involved in doing so.

Or you can do it yourself by downloading your bios to your machine (saving them) and editing them yourself. It's not hard if you are computer savvy. Googling how to do this will also lead you to a how-to doc.


I'm using this bios from boysie (RX 480 31.25)

54-58 H/s using Claymore's zec miner v2
this is for ref rx 480 8gb but it works for yours

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Do you know how many watts it's using? I'm trying to decide between $200 rx480 and $100 280x.

6 cards rig + mainboard: 800 watts measured at the wall

i will try this but looks like atiwinflash does not detect my cards << :frowning:

Claymore v2 did not change any sol value for me so i am still on the 1.1 version

So started and downloaded software but on the try to start atiwinflash i get this error. So i am not able to do it :confused:

Translate to English?

I think you're getting it because you're not running it in Admin mod.
You have to run it in CMD w/ Admin Mode (CMD Prompt right click run as Administrator)

So 6 x 56 S/s and no CPU mining, or is there more with the CPU?

Cant find ati video card is the message :confused: no i tried to run with admin

i'm not mining with cpu
830 watts now with claymore's v2.1
335 - 345 H/s for the rig

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You have the drivers properly installed?

Try running it via command line not the GUI.

I'm running 49-53 Sol/s on Claymore's 2.1 miner. Memory is only OC at 2100. About to see what I get if I push it to 2160.

Here's my modded rom. Raised Memory OC to 2200 max (2100 default) and strapped memory timing from 1750.
AMD Sapphire Nitro+ 470 8GB MODDED ROM

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Yes drivers properly installed :slight_smile: So i dont know if i really want to use the command line i wont kill my cards.

have you any new bios with better hashrate?

for RX470 SOPHIER 8GB NEW ROM ?????