Looking for the most accurate ZEC to USD calculator?

Looking for the most accurate ZEC to USD calculator? It seems every one I found is different then each other.

You’re not going to get anything 100% accurate because changes to pricing are live. One second 1 ZEC = $300 and the next 1 ZEC = $350. Most calculators are based on an average over multiple exchanges over a certain amount of time.

I use the exchange I’m trading on to gauge the current price. When I want to know how much the ZEC I have on hand is worth, I just use https://www.cryptonator.com/converter/

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If you need to grab this information for developing, then I would suggest coinmarketcap’s API:

I think you can query most exchanges and get a JSON response of their current numbers: price, market cap, etc. That’s probably the fastest since you are going right to the source. Query 3 big exchanges, and average the price. You could say that is the “true” ZEC to USD rate… at that particular moment.

you much also facotr in exchange differences. one exchange may be at 540, another 550