Accurate ZEC prices with Zecwallet


  • You can now specify amounts in USD when sending transactions
  • When displaying transaction details, use the price of ZEC at the time of the transaction (instead of the current price)
  • Prices are now fetched from LightwalletD

Download desktop apps or update from the Play/iOS stores. A standalone APK and the CLI / developer SDK are also available.

Sending transactions in USD

You can now denominate outgoing transactions in USD, and Zecwallet Lite will automatically calculate the ZEC equivalent when sending transactions. You no longer have to go back and forth adjusting the ZEC price (Or pull up a calculator!) to pay an exact USD amount!

This is possible because of a reliable price feed which is now available to Zecwallet Lite.

Accurate Historical Prices

When displaying the transaction history, Zecwallet Lite previously used the current price of ZEC to show the USD equivalent, which was somewhat misleading, since the price of ZEC can be very different from the time when you actually made the transaction.

With v1.6.3, Zecwallet Lite now uses the closing price of ZEC at the time the transaction was made. This works even when you export your transactions into a CSV from the desktop app, which is useful when you’re doing your taxes etc…

Zecwallet Lite will also fetch the current price from LightwalletD, instead of connecting to a 3rd-party price provider.

How it works

Zecwallet Lite will remember the “current price” when you make transactions and store them in the wallet, so you’ll always have the correct ZEC price when viewing older transactions. In cases where the price is not available (For eg., when you restore a wallet from seed), Zecwallet Lite can fetch prices from LightwalletD.

LightwalletD will also cache historical prices, so you’re not leaking any information about your transactions to any 3rd party price providers.

Additionally, the “current” price is also fetched from LightwalletD. LightwalletD itself fetches the price from multiple sources, discards outliers and then calculates a median price which is provided to clients.

This feature has been submitted to upstream LightwalletD, so it is also available to all wallets!

Other Updates

  • @denverbdr fixed our mobile app builds, so now Zecwallet Mobile works across all combinations of [simulator, device] * [debug mode, release mode] * [android * ios].

    All dependencies have been updated, so developing on the mobile app is fun again. Just git clone the repository, build the rust lib, open in Android Studio or Xcode, and hit “run”, and you can start hacking on it.

  • Welcome Jack to the Zecwallet team, who’ll be working on improving Sync performance.

  • There will be no Zecwallet update for the next 4 weeks, as we all work on the production implementation of BlazeSync. Our goal is to improve sync speed by at least 2x, and have it be available in the mobile and desktop apps next month.


Amazing work, updating now, looking forward to testing out the new features and to what’s coming down the tracks.

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