Missing trezor suite tx

Hi there, i made a swap on the trezor suite from btc to zcash and completely messed this up. The z cash never came and i cant find it woth ledger, trezor, or ywallet

Please help. Super desperate

Very new to all this, so mighty confused what i did wrong with such a strightforwaed process in the trezor app

My trezor has a 25th passphrase, does that make kt impossible to get the z cash back? Account assotiated woth the 25 words just shows 0 everything.


Do you have a tx id?
Also, current Zcash seeds have 24 words. Did you miscount, perhaps?

The swap transaction may take time to clear, I’m not sure. This is actually the first I’ve heard of trezor suite hidden wallets.
Hmm ok I found this about it, seems your’e on the right track

Looking around in their forum and stuff, it doesn’t seem super uncommon that the hidden wallet is not properly initialized, like with switching devices. Typical solution seems to be just restore it with the 24 seed and passphrase but yeah let us know

The Ywallet sweep function is typically used for gathering transparent addresses derived under the same seed that are not apart of the unified address. Assuming that it is transparent, it is likely you’ll have to do this, but it would be good to verify that the transaction did in fact happen first, before putting yourself through any unecessary trouble. After that, you can make a more informed decision about the next step to take.
Like I said, this is the first I’ve ever actually heard of this wallet type and your issue being the first concerning it raised on this forum anyways or any other Zcash internet place that I’ve seen.

May not be the best term for it

In the sweep, you can select which address inside of your Ywallet that you want to have these funds sent to or you can de-select them all and put in any Zcash address you want.

The fees in Ywallet are automatically applied and, if the funds are visible, might be affected by the sheer quantity of notes that you may be trying to combine and how much each note actually contains because they could potentially not pay the default fee.

Zip 317 transaction fee rules enforce that there is a compounding static fee for every input and output the transaction contains. It’s somewhat of an edgecase issue for someone say, for instance, received many very small mining payouts or something and combining all of these notes does not actually pay for their combination fee.
Theres a workaround but may not be necessary.

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Need to verify that the transaction exists first.

That’s the Bitcoin transaction id. Do you have the zec TX Id?

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You’ll need to contact trezor suite customer support. If that transaction was rejected, then the Zcash transaction never happened.

It looks like your BTC was blocked by the exchanger, as you are sending BTC coins after the mixer. Usually, exchangers require passing KYC or so after receiving dirty coins.

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Everything ended up being user error, and i have got it sorted. Followed some bad advice that lead to a meas. Research is key.

Sorry for all the confusion, thanks for all the help though

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