Lottery Pool for

Just throwing this out there… wondering if people would be interested in pooling funds for a large nice hash rental. Any winnings would be split according to each persons contributions

can we trust them? how to verify anything there no stats etc

Let’s wait for their official announcement. Hopefully they have some credibility on BCT.


Bernard here, from We are improving and updating the software daily. The pool can still have some hiccups, but we are successfully using it for some time now and I’m confident that everything will work just fine if you use it.

We are working to improve the (for now) minimalistic UI ( to provide more information (stats). Until now we were mostly focused on the backend and developing a high performance infrastructure. We are also adding some advanced features like sending out emails when workers disconnect.

Hope to have everything 100% stable soon.

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I am here for a couple of weeks already. Still with no blocks unfortunately (I’m at 560 Sol/s).

Did you try

I’m there with FX-8350 CPU. :smirk:

Has anyone using a pool like this considered what would happen if a block was mined during the time period of a (claymore) dev fee address mining to the pool.

I just picked up a block from what looks like Claymore’s address on zogpool. Which Is okay since zog is a share pool. But what happens if someone mints a block on with a claymore address sent over stratum. Seems dangerous and a warning should be issued somewhere?

how does claymores fee work? does it mine to it’s own pool temporarily? Or does it mine to the same pool your connected to?