MagicBean 6.0.0?

Hello! Does anyone know what is it?

@daira @str4d


Those are nodes from the Flux (previously named ZelCash) network. It’s a code fork of Zcash, in which they did not alter the network magic, default port, or user agent.

I think the reason these are appearing in that explorer view is because these nodes were connecting half-successfully to zcashd nodes (their handshakes succeeded, but block propagation didn’t), causing them to be cached in the zcashd nodes’ peers.dat files. After NU5 activated, these nodes were disconnected from, but there’s a bug in zcashd where when it receives a getaddr message, it will return peer data from any peer it’s connected to before, not just peers that it would currently try to connect to.


Everything is clear, thank You!


They seem to have changed the default port to 16125


Ah yes, I forgot about that. Sadly that’s insufficient (and not intended) for use as a filter, since it’s fine for Zcash full node operators to use whatever port they want. The P2P protocol version will suffice for now, and if it becomes more of an issue later then we can try and craft a filter.