Major Grants Review Committee Candidates MEGATHREAD

If I was the ZIP1014 police, you’d be in jail!

That is really disingenuous. You knew exactly what I meant.

Mikerah was paraphrasing your point, which you later double down on. Mikerah even calls you out on that point. To imply they are the one who has made the mistake in understanding the zip and is saying that the MG’s should have the same restrictions that are specifically meant for the ECC is just plain rude and wrong.

Why did you do that? What was your goal?


Where is 1014 adamant about it?

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I think I’ve successfully made the case that ZIP1014 is adamant about “MGRC funded teams should only be focused on Zcash”. You are welcome to point me to any language that suggests MGRC should fund ecosystems other than Zcash.

Den den den den - I introduce to you, the Zcash Developer Fund Diagram…

If MGRC funded Bolt, Bolt would move further into the center of Zcash Develop Funding circles:

  1. VC’s funded Bolt,
  2. ZF funded Bolt,
  3. ECC funded Bolt…

It’s no secret - their media partners PR’d all three, together, on Coindesk!

All three funds have their own mandates in accordance to my interpretation of the Zcash Network Flywheel.

Unless BOLT can offer a utility that enables more end users to enter the Zcash community thereby fulfilling MGRC’s unique mission, we are reaffirming our current relationships inwardly. Centralizing!

This exercise can be performed for any team that requests funding in order to prevent inbreeding.

Hope it helps! Eye-candylicious

[Thanks for the question - added discussion to my agenda]

only != primarily.

Please show me the part of the zip that supports your assertion of the harder version of the two statements. Failing that, please elaborate (like I have done) on the background discussion that supports your point.

If you are not going to accept the text of the zip, please state what you will accept.

I don’t know what else to say - the zip is not up for debate, that time has passed - if you want to change it then you have to follow the proper process, the zip process.

You have made a number of other misconceptions of the zip and current ECC funding structure, would you listen to me if I correct you on them? or would I be wasting my time?

I cannot do this. The zip does not permit it. That is the ZFND’s remit. the MGRC can only forward zcash. This is not the point you made, so why are you asking me to do the impossible?

You still have not explained why you deliberately misrepresent mikerah. That needs an explanation, So please explain yourself.


I think the distinction was “teams only focus on zcash” vs “grants focused on zcash utilization”.

I believe I tackled that here:


Polls close tomorrow for Helios Voting for the MGRC!

All Community Advisory Panel members should have received an email with instructions for voting. If you are on the CAP but have not received a email please check your Spam folder or message @antonie @amiller so they can re-send it.

Good Luck to all applicants!


When/Where are results being published? (Apologies for asking something that’s answered elsewhere.)

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Maybe on this link?

Andrew or Antonie will publish a blog post on the Foundation website, and I will also post here.

I’m not sure if the Helios page will show the results once the polls close?

Fantastic results, so far 87 of the 91 has voted!


The votes are in!

Candidate Votes
Shawn 62
Holmes Wilson 57
Sarah Jamie Lewis 53
Hudson Jameson 51
Chris Burniske 50
alchemydc 48
ML 36
Vish 35
Sandy Ordonez 32
mistfpga 24
Eric Vaughn 23
Decentralistdan 21
_tm3k 19
kek 14
Dontpanicburns 14
James Joseph 13
Lawzec 11
Jeff Knapp 9
Liz Kukka 6

Reminder: this is approval voting:

Type : Approval Voting. Every member has one tally for each candidate. In other words, members can choose to vote in favor of each candidate or leave the box blank for each candidate.

Tie breaker scenarios and solutions

  • If there are 3 or more candidates that clearly have the most votes, then these candidates can decide among themselves on who would fill the final two (or less) slots from the candidates that have the most votes from the remaining candidates.
  • If there are 6+ candidates that have equally the most votes, then the election goes to a runoff among those candidates with another helios poll for the CAP.

Woah! Huge congratulations to


I’ll be making a forum group for the MGRC and send the group a PM in the morning so we can begin chatting and coordinating the first steps (contact information, preferred communication methods, etc…)

Huge thank you to everyone for all the support and confidence! I’m humbled by the outcome and super excited to get to work for the Zcash Community!


Congratulations to you as well @Shawn!

And thank you everyone for your support and participation, I’m really excited and encouraged by the top 5. I look forward to taking that energy to the MGRC and working together to fund and secure the future of the Zcash ecosystem!


congrats, all. be good stewards!


Congrats @Shawn! Looking forward to working with the other elected MGRC members :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who participated in this process, regardless of if you voted. It really shows the maturity and cohesion of the Zcash community.


Congratulations, everyone! Even though the ECC representative, DC (alchemydc) didn’t get into the top five (I guess he was in sixth place?), I am totally encouraged by the overall quality of the resulting five person committee. I had thought that the MGRC process was shaping up to yield a high quality result, and this confirms it. Can’t wait to see what you folks do with it!

And thanks so much to Zfnd for running such a well-organized process. And, approval voting is cool and more elections should use it. :relaxed:


This is a fantastic (97.8%) turnout and good result, IMHO — 4 of my favourite candidates are in the top 5. I would have preferred more women in the top 5, though. @SandyOrdonez was a very strong candidate IMO, as was @ml_sudo. In any case, congratulations to the electees.


Agreed, I also would have liked to see more women; ML and Sandy were both great candidates. Also geographic diversity is important, and I think all of the 5 elected members are based in the US? (edit: Sarah is a British citizen living in Canada) (ML and Vish came in 7/8th place and are based in Asia). Oh well, with only 5 members its tough to get perfect representation. Maybe we should consider expanding the committee to 7 members after this first one year term?

Anyway, I don’t mean to detract from the newly elected MGRC members, who I think will do a great job! Congratulations and looking forward to seeing what they accomplish!


I live in Canada, but I am a British Citizen.


Ah, I stand corrected! :+1: