Major Grants Review Committee Candidates MEGATHREAD

Congratulations to Zcash MGRC history and to the five elected members!


All of my favorites came in top!! Happy to see that. Congrats on this, seriously! :slight_smile:


congrats, all!


Im not so sure we’re done here

Think we’re good, the only ties were kek & dontpanic but they were not in the top five.

Amazing turnout, congrats to all


Okay, so adversarial learning may not be best strategy for approval voting lol

Congrats, all! My top 3 made it :slight_smile:

I remain hopeful despite the super-centralization of ideology and funding.

Three points:

  1. Holmes, SJL and Shawn receive 10s of 1000s from ZF.

  2. Congrats to Zooko for placing USV’s Chris Burniske as close as possible to incoming deal flow! I know Fred Wilson is happy. ECC well-positioned for next dev fund debate.

  3. 100% of the committee are US/UK-citizens and based in North America

EDIT: 4. 100% are in the SAME INDUSTRY

EDIT 5: 100% part-time

Not sure - why? One in two people on earth are women and we all came from one! (I’m sure all the committee members know women, too.)

We are missing the entire other side of the world!

And, 80% of the board are slushing money around with each other.

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Thanks @aristarchus and @daira, appreciate the shoutout!

For everyone who voted for me, I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your vote and your trust. I haven’t been active in the forums for as long as some other candidates, so your trust means especially much to me. Feel free to PM me if you want to chat about anything :slight_smile:

I care about privacy and freedom regardless of whether i sit on a committee or not, so I hope the MGRC reaches out if there is something i can do. @Shawn @Souptacular @holmesworcester @cburniske @sarahjamielewis

I think we have an extremely strong and motivated team of people on the MGRC. The average IQ level on the panel is :boom: @cburniske and @Souptacular in particular will cross-pollinate great ideas through their deep exposure to non-zcash communities.

I would have really liked to see someone (anyone, not just me) on the committee who has extensive exposure to the needs and idiosyncrasies of non-North American (or British) communities, because if we want Zcash to have a shot, it needs to flourish globally. More importantly it needs to flourish in places where it really matters and can pick up steam fastest/strongest (e.g. Argentina x Bitcoin). @SandyOrdonez for example would have had great insight. Perhaps next time we do a vote we might consider a different voting mechanism, where voters can select panels of people (instead of individuals) with a diversity of [skills / backgrounds / worldviews].

I personally believe that war is quite possible in our generation; I hope that by the time that comes, Zcash and the wider privacy ecosystem can offer us the tools with which laypersons can protect our lives and our freedom. Even better is if the ability to stay free means that war is hard for people at the top to organize and justify - meaning none of us need to spend decades of our lives living in the shadow of war, like in the 1930s/40s/50s. (Writing this, I almost feel relieved the burden is not on my shoulders. Just kidding :wink: )


Congrats to the newly elected committee, it was an amazing turn out for the election and we have ended up with a very strong team.

I’m a bit disappointed by the geographic concentration and that more women didn’t make it, echoing comments from others.

I hope those that put themselves forward but didn’t make it (this time) remain in the community as I think everyone’s voice is important (even/especially in disagreement) and together the community is stronger.


Still don’t understand the sentiment here - does anyone care to explain? The way I see it:

Sandy, Liz, SJL and ML

That’s ~20% of the candidates

And, it’s also ~20% of the elected committee (1 in 5)

What’s the issue here?

We have no one from 3 of 4 hemispheres: South East, South West, North East.

We have 4 of 5 slots filled with Network Flywheel COIs. ZF mod already directing MGRC comms inwardly. Teams who didn’t receive ZF/VC funds, which is all but perhaps one elected committee member, must now be invited to participate.

My first point that you didn’t quote was disappointment at the geographic concentration which addresses the point you went on to make, i.e. I agree with you that people from other continents would have been a good outcome as well.

It would have been good to see more women put their name forward in the first place, it would also be good to see more on the CAP. Why that doesn’t happen probably deserves its own discussion, but it’s not just a Zcash issue and is related to the tech industry at large. And this doesn’t just apply to women in my opinion, that’s just what was quoted, I believe having people from more wide ranging backgrounds, ways of life, cultures, genders, sexualities etc. etc. is a positive thing. If you don’t agree with that maybe you could care to explain why?

And the rest of your comments about COI’s etc. are starting to sound like sour grapes. As I’ve said before I welcome diversity of opinion, and you are entitled to yours, but the majority of voters didn’t agree with you this time.


This is to protect MGRC members personal information like emails and phone numbers from being openly published on the web.

In addition to setting up lines of communication with each other we will be setting up synchronous and asynchronous methods like this forum and a chat so the MGRC can openly communicate with the community. Please be patient, it’s been less than 24hrs since we found out the results.
Community Grants Updates - Zcash Community Forum


People who choose to participate should have equal opportunity. Don’t force people to participate just to fit your picture of them. IMHO.

In this case, all people who chose to participate got fair shot from ZCAP regardless of gender. That cannot be said about geography, pseudonymity, or COIs using simple difference of proportions.

The majority of ZCAP voters, which are 50%+ insiders. Besides, this is approval voting. Obviously it’s not meant to face fears.

My polling showed 80% do not want ECC/ZF/VC on MGRC despite what this ingroup thinks.

I will point to this disconnect until i feel it’s unwelcome

MGRC now has the task of helping end ZEC’s multiyear tailspin. volume is currently drying up, halving pump looks like it will be underwhelming, ZEC has dropped out of the top 30, and zcash will suffer with high inflation for another 4 years. really hope MGRC members will be capable of combating these issues.

part of my net worth is now in your hands - net worth is something i take very seriously. good luck!


legendary concession ^


Now we support those who were elected, because that’s how we win.


They are supported immensely by ZF and ECC and ZCAP:

3 of 5 elected have already been getting Zcash directly from ZF, none indicated any hodling.

Other 2 are “outsiders”, but showed up SOLELY for devfund debate and now, MGRC, with theatrical PR statements:

1 is Zooko’s fave VC’s boy (even Elena paid to promote placeholder thesis on Shawn’s board) and the other announced his candidacy the same day Zooko extended call for candidates. No major positions here, either. ETH, maybe.

5 of 5 are part-time…

Not sure if they are aligned with hodlers more than they are themselves… I hope it trickles down!

If you’d stop following me around & twisting my words, that’d be great.


To correct a misconception I thought I had already corrected, I believe I’ve already linked you to Open Privacy’s 2019 annual report (as let’s be clear again I, personally have never directly received Zcash from ZF. Open Privacy, an organization I am affiliated with, received a single donation - these are different things).

In any case, if you want to continue under the assumption that myself and Open Privacy are synonymous (this would be incorrect…Open Privacy is its own legal entity, governed by an independent board…but regardless…)

In the report I linked is a link to our financial statements (,%202020.pdf) which states that as of February 2020 Open Privacy maintained short term investment positions (i.e. cryptocurrency holdings) of $115,870 - much of that is still in Zcash. Also worth noting that Open Privacy has also accepted donations in Zcash long before we received one from ZF, so we’ve been managing such assets for a little while now. (And as noted previously, I’ve personally been running at least one full node since launch day). Which ever way you cut it personally or professionally I do have an interest in seeing Zcash succeed.

Indeed, the long term value of cryptocurrency holdings is something that I spent a lot of time as Executive Director concerning myself with, as I mentioned in my candidacy thread:


The path towards fixing this issue (and I agree it is likely an issue impacting the efficacy of the MGRC) has already been laid out in the thread, I look forward to reading the ZIP that fixes this.


Financially and emotionally, they are OVERLY supported by ECC/ZF/VCs, as we can tell. Approval voting is self congratulatory. Cannot support with silence

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agree with a lot of what @boxalex just wrote in the wen mewn thread. think MGRC is going to be handcuffed by a bad ZIP that ZCAP voted in favor of for some reason. i’m going to write a new ZIP for the “Zcash Ecosystem Committee” that will allow them to operate in a much more aggressive manner.