Making Zcash More Prolific

There’s not much enthusiasm in promoting prolific use, probably the best use case is transaction privacy so don’t tell anyone it’s hush hush and then there’s that founders reward that makes mining 20% less rewarding for miners. :slight_smile:

I am in total agreement with you radix42. What’s The Saying? “Put one’s money where one’s mouth is” We will send you an additional $200 shortly. I know it’s not much, but it’s a start to larger donations.

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Thanks, @theonewhocame, I’m going to hopefully get Mac binaries out this week.

you could most likely send a link over for the mac port already to andreas as he’s more technically able. as for ver and vorhees, it’d be best to hold out until you can get a working portable mach-o.
shall post if anything else comes to mind

@waterhole I think you have an extra “io” in the link you posted!

Thanks @anon I pinged Andreas on twitter with a link

You awesome! Thanks!

no problem! I’ve pulled many a “didn’t click the link I posted to check” forehead bangers myself in the last 20+ years :slight_smile: