May 24, 2021 - weekly forum update

A few days later than usual, but here are your weekly Zcash updates (from last week):

  • TOMORROW, May 25: Zeal Call with special guest Julia Angwin. Subscribe to ECC’s Youtube channel for the latest updates and new content. Check out their latest story on differential privacy in US Census data.
  • Zcash updated metrics are here - including shielded pool size, payments and transaction volume.
  • There were two big headlines last week in terms of Zcash support for payments: 1) Zcash is now supported by Moon, which means you can now spend your Zcash wherever Visa is accepted. 2) Flexa is partnering with Citcon, a global payments processor for over 6000 prestigious brands and merchants. Zcash is supported on Flexa.
  • Ying Tong presented at zkSessions on UltraPLONK Arithmetization. Recording here. Check it out and learn about Circuits, Gadgets, Chips, and Layouters!
  • New team members: ZF welcomes a new core engineer. Welcome Janito. ECC welcomes a new Developer Relations lead. Welcome Wil!

Mark your calendars -


  • Docker workshop complete, scheduling for the team in the next few weeks.
  • Collected feedback internally regarding CI systems.


  • Productive week! Closed 30 (!!!) tickets including a couple of disclosures, both disclosed in public tickets here and here.


  • Implemented F4Jumble which is needed for Unified Addresses. F4Jumble improves robustness against address substitution attacks
  • Published a new version of the protocol specification (2021.2.2) which includes minor corrections.
  • Updated ECC gadget to work with the major Chip refactor
  • Made small improvements to Halo 2 developer tooling (MockProver)
  • We have a PR up for integrating the security proof into the Halo 2 book


  • Shipped iOS version 108 and SDK version 0.11.0,
  • ECC iOS demo wallet now includes t-address support, auto-shield funds, transparent balance, Z->T restore correctly, “unified viewing keys”
  • Finalized error messaging methodology for improved error handling
  • Rewind API more robust for short rescans
  • gRPC-Swift updated to 1.0.0,
  • PR for Lightwalletd to be able to serve blocks in reverse order.

Enjoy the week ahead!


Bump, Zeal call tomorrow :zebra: