Measures to increase the price and value of ZCASH

In this topic I would like to discuss any ways to increase the the price and value of the coin, including I would like to hear the official comments of the foundation and the ECC on the current status, as well as measures taken or taken in the future.

At the Zcash Foundation, our efforts are solely focused on improving Zcash functionality and usability, in accordance with our mission. Trying to manage (or even predict) the price of ZEC is not within our purview.

Based on my understanding of previous statements, the ECC has a similar stance.


Perhaps you need to revise priorities, and I do not say what would manipulate the price (pumping and dumping) but increase the cost through other (legal) ways.
To analyze, draw conclusions and develop a different strategy from the current.
A lot of negativity around the zcash project, any news is perceived negatively, this goal of the foundation and the ECC, I think not, but we get what we have.
There is no open strategy for changes in the future, all that can be obtained is information in very difficult accessible places for the average user on the Internet, there are no unique projects for zcash that would give an advantage over others, now there is an active discussion of the future project, I think that past merits should help with this, and the project for the future must convince the majority of users that the project can survive on the market.
The increase in value will relieve future investors of doubts, because now the asset only loses in value throughout its existence, at such rates neither the ECC nor the fund will have enough money even if financing is saved, and this is a threat that no one will fight.

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