Measures to increase the price and value of ZCASH

In this topic I would like to discuss any ways to increase the the price and value of the coin, including I would like to hear the official comments of the foundation and the ECC on the current status, as well as measures taken or taken in the future.

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At the Zcash Foundation, our efforts are solely focused on improving Zcash functionality and usability, in accordance with our mission. Trying to manage (or even predict) the price of ZEC is not within our purview.

Based on my understanding of previous statements, the ECC has a similar stance.


Perhaps you need to revise priorities, and I do not say what would manipulate the price (pumping and dumping) but increase the cost through other (legal) ways.
To analyze, draw conclusions and develop a different strategy from the current.
A lot of negativity around the zcash project, any news is perceived negatively, this goal of the foundation and the ECC, I think not, but we get what we have.
There is no open strategy for changes in the future, all that can be obtained is information in very difficult accessible places for the average user on the Internet, there are no unique projects for zcash that would give an advantage over others, now there is an active discussion of the future project, I think that past merits should help with this, and the project for the future must convince the majority of users that the project can survive on the market.
The increase in value will relieve future investors of doubts, because now the asset only loses in value throughout its existence, at such rates neither the ECC nor the fund will have enough money even if financing is saved, and this is a threat that no one will fight.


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It is interesting what you will say when the money will be not enough to pay the team.

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the only thing they can do now is actually to continue to do their job and try to do it better then they can.)
media warfare is lost for zcash in 2019 season anyway. no point to jump that bandwagon now.

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So let me get this straight… if ZEC price stays low then there is no money for development, and if no money for development then ZEC price stays low or goes even lower. Solution… extend the 20% block dev fund. How was that saying … something about solving a problem you created with printing money (ZEC), by printing more money or in this case saturating the market every month with fresh ZEC. You just cant do it. If ZF or ECC doesnt care about the price then why do i read only aboout how much USD they spent and how much more they have and will need. As i understand price is determined by adoption and scarcity. If we suck at the first one, it doesnt mean we should kill the second one.
Oh, and out of all the projects i have followed i the past 3-4 years, no matter the intention, once a promise to the community has been broken by the team, its all downhill from there.
Just a few quick thoughts and i hope im wrong on every one of them

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extending the devfund won’t increase supply. main issue is allocation of rewards.

many things are strange with zcash. from a reasonable point of view, by many factors, it should have been already dead.
…hm not dead yet. team: okay, lets engage moar controversy to the point where no informed new money would even try to touch it anymore.)
…still hashrate is high, someone is still buying it despite permanent decline, inside and outside development slowly goes on…
most of new/remaining in value coins/projects are pretty clear for me what they are, their short/mid term purpose, etc. this one, among couple of others is a bit confusing. i think by end of year we will have more clear perspective, whether its unnecessary efforts that delayed decline, or a part of longer game.

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Zcash is very much alive. 30k payments per day are done using ZEC.


Do you have an idea what the methodology is for payments per day at messari? Do these include the payments to miners, mining pools portion, Founders Reward transactions and the transaction fees for these?

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Just checked the Zcash block explorer after thinking more about the methodology behind the payments per day.

How can it be 30k payments if only 4,000 transactions are made per 24 hours? see

Zchain reportedly isn’t accurate. @mitchellpkt’s data:

There’s lots of discussion in that Twitter thread. @daira also ran some queries.

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Readed the whole twitt discussion attached to the link you posted. I still have no idea if the numbers the zchain explorer outputs is lower or higher than the real transactions?
I even didn’t understand if tx fees are considered a transaction/payment or not, but this is important if we take a “payment count per day” measurement in my opinion as it automaticly doubles the transaction count, not?

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Honestly, I’m confused too. My hope is that Daira will drop by and make everything clear, but if not I can go fishing for an answer and get someone to write it up.


The main questions are really simple in theory and maybe indeed @daira can bring some light in this matter :

  • How many transactions are there average per day? I thought so far this would be an easy extraction of the blockexplorers transactions sections where all transactions are showed/listed in real time.

  • Are fees counted as a seperate transaction or not?

That would be actually enough in my opinion to see how many payments indeed occur on the network per 24 hours. No matter a portion of this are founder reward transaction from block rewards, mining pool fees and miner rewards. Someone could after that even make a pretty good estiminate on how many transactions/payments occur in the wild without these that are made by default due the mining and FR process by simply substracting that amount.

Messari defines a payment as “sending money to someone else” and the data is from

Messari further states … in UTXO based chains like Bitcoin, a single transaction can contain many separate logical payments, and in smart-contract chains like Ethereum, transactions may be of many different types.

My thinking is that all of the above payments are included, whenever ZEC goes from one account to another.

Just some thought based on that as in that case a single mined block would allready result in the following:

1 transaction to the mining pool
1 fee transaction attached to it
1 transaction as the founders reward portion
1 fee transaction attached to it

or in short, the very first step allready are 4 transactions that makes about 2,304 transactions allready per day for all mined blocks within 24 hours without having the miners actually be paid, but only the mining pool.

Just out of curiousity, what happens with a normal transaction’s fee from my wallet to your wallet and it’s transaction fee? Is that fee counted only once or one more time while mined?

ZCash losing value all the time. I started mining a year ago and still did not even recover my original capital outlay. The ZEC : BTC ratio keeps dropping - I exchanged at some 20 and 50 : 1 - now it is more than 250:1 !!! It has been many moons since the cross-over between profitability and electrical consumption was made, which makes ZEC mining (ASIC, Z9 Mini) totally non-profitable. Couldn’t SOMEONE do something about it ?

The investment is not always going to be profitable, if you bought a z9 mini, you should in any case hold bitmain responsible, because soon after he took out another asic that made the z9 mini unprofitable. The topic is complicated, I have not profited investments because soon after another more powerful that turns the investment into a paperweight. Blaming the coin makes no sense. As advice that I apply to me, is to trust in the development of Zcash because it has utility, but it takes years for it to really be useful. The prices that have been seen, and are seen, are not for the real utility, but as a future bet on that utility. Wait for people to routinely use crypto and the value multiplies. Maybe 10 or 15 years, now bet that crypto will survive until that moment.