Medellín, Bogotá, Cartagena?! Where will Zcon5 be?

Of course I’m weighing in! I think all of those are reat options, but Medellín maybe is a little more interesting, and less polluted and chaotic than Bogotá. I have friends and family living and working there in Colombia, and most of them agree on that.


I love what you say about the venues and the spirit Zcash tries to promote, and I agree. There are many beautiful, safe and comfortable places where you can stay without much fanfare. And it’s even safer to say “I’m staying at Rosa’s Posada” than “I’m staying at Hilton hotel” :crazy_face:


ICYMI: There was a Zcash conference before Zcon0 :shield:

Privacy for Everyone was in Berlin, 2018 Jan 3. The single day event featured nine presentations at a venue that didn’t have accommodations for travelers and was not organized by Zcash Foundation.

There was good food and great people but I personally didn’t experience what I now understand to be the Zcon vibe until Zcon0, the following summer.

I think the duration of the event contributes more to the value of the gathering than the fact that everyone is sleeping in one place. Time spent together creates space for connections to grow organically. In the decentralized conference model discussed above, this could be highly affective on a regional level to develop connections and grow local communities.

That being said, Zcon connects our communities and sends many attendees home with a feeling of belonging which, in the long term, does far more for healthy adoption/growth than “number go up.”


If they don’t take COVID seriously, I won’t be able to go regardless of where it is.

Extremely disappointed with ZF over Zcon4; Jack Gavigan completely refused to even consider the thorough evidence I provided about masking and other mitigations.