Mh/s ETH to ZEC sols/s

Hey guys,

what will be the conversion from ETH miners power to ZEC hash/sols/s?
I found ETH miner for sale saying it has 150Mh/s power, but it is nowhere to 1500000 ZEC sols (thats are ridicilous numbers…)

Anyone can help me understand this please ?
How many sols/s would mentioned ETH miner have (assuming soft is right) ?

I think its more like 1Mh/s in eth = 1S/s in zcash (perhaps little more)

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Best to just ask what cards are in the rig and look up benchmarks. I would imagine some variance between cards.

I have a miner that was getting about ~78Mh/s and is currently doing ~92h/s zcash. But checking the cards on the rig is a good idea.

I get ~30 MH/s per GPU on ETH. If I have a zcash miner doing 50 sols/s, then that’s a 600,000 to 1 ETH/ZEC hashing ratio. If Claymore does hit 100 sols/s per GPU, then it would be 300,000 to 1. That’s why you are seeing such a big drop in ETH network hash rate/difficulty for such a small ZEC network hash rate. Using the numbers above, it takes 0.6 TH/s on ETH to equal 1 MSols/s on ZEC.

Sounds about right (for now), a 86 Mh/s ETH rig gives me about 135 h/s on ZEC