Power Consumption ETH vs ZCash

I’ve got 3 Kill-A-Watts on order, but I thought I would ask here as well. Using Claymore v10 on ETH, and Claymore v12.6 for ZEC, which uses more power for the same cards? I know there are a lot of factors, but thought I would see if there was a general rule of which consumed more power. I’ve got 3 rigs, one RX 480, one RX 580 and an R9 290. What are people seeing as consumption? Thanks!

Don’t mine Zcash with AMD.

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Is it an issue of low hashrate?

Try and see :slight_smile: Basically on my rig (AMD based 470/480) electricity on ETH is higher (but also is income) so do u r maths…
Or just try something like whattomine.com

There’s a lot of posts about mining zec with AMD and Nvidia. Basically, you’r not going to make better results mining zec instead of eth. My advice is to stick with Ethash coins.

whattomine.com is not precise. It just guide type.

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R9 Fury and Nano are good for mining ZCash.

Wonder if the same holds true… I’ve got some calculating to do. :slight_smile: