Trying to calculate MH/S to H/S or Sol/s

I have a mining rig that has 1700 MH/S. I looked everywhere in the internet but I can’t seem to find a calculator that converts MH/S to sol/s. does anyone here knows how to do it? any help would be appreciated!!


you probably mean 1700 h/s…

it’s definitely mh/s because I used it to mine ethereum…when I plugged the numbers to cryptocompare it show this

it’s a huge difference compare to mining ethereum so I was wondering if I could convert mh/s to h/s myself and plug the numbers to other calculators

There isn’t a Mega Hash (thousands of hash per second) to Solutions (solutions per second) conversion. Ethereum uses Dagger Hashimoto algorithm, and Zcash uses Equihash algorithm, they are completely different.

Look up the Solutions/s rate based on your Card type: ZCash mining GPU Comparison - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
(For instance a Nvidia 1080ti gets an average of 650-680 Solutions per Second) then add up your Cards+Solutions and plug that number into: Zcash (ZEC) Mining Profit Calculator - WhatToMine
Then you can calculate your coins/profit per day for your rig. (So that one 1080ti would make about 0.009971 ZEC per day)

well if one 1080 ti does around 32~ mh/s for eth and also around 720~sol/s for zec then the 1700 mh/s you were getting for eth roughly translates to 38160~ sol/s… again i dont see how one mining rig was doing 1700mh/s for eth but whatever.

it’s because i have a lot of rx580…thank you both for the response! i’ll try to figure it out!