Slow hashrate on supernova

Hi all,

I’m getting slow hashrate on supernoval pool …

with flypool i’m getting 15 sols/s but only 5->7 sols on supernova…

nheqminer_suprnova.exe -cd 0 -t 3 -u user.worker1 -p pass

nheqminer.exe -l cn1-zcash -cd 0 -t 3 -u zcbKCA6RvDkUNtWcSzkdPtkAmbWABx6PNrR1crFT9vT6soASrGNbqEHfoeXMiZXbDtAGumQSGX5dsHKhjxHdaBkVHJJbii

Flypool is most likely handing out smaller work units with lower difficulty, and getting through them more quickly - leading to an inaccurate hashrate.
Can you post the diff of the work you’re getting from both pools?

Sr but how to check the diff between the other work on both pools ??

havent used flypool; heres a screenie from suprnova (diff is circled in red)…

How did you get Hashrate 500, barrystyle? :slight_smile:

500? i was 3500 at one stage…

Oh my… i got 0sos/s with my GPU GTX 950M card… it was 5 sols-> 7sols/s before

im getting like anywhere from 20 hashrate on supernova . but when i am on the nanopool im hashing anywhere from 43 to 61 im trying to figure out the best pool any suggestions