I don't have yet, and i am planning to buy one ASAP.
What you suggest? which one i have to buy...

Posted the steps I took to get it working on CryptoMined's YouTube video. Especially in case any of you get the "Missing OpenCl.dll" error. I let it run overnight and it was stable the entire time and running smoothly when I checked this morning. Zero invalid shares. Seems to run cooler than NiceHash miner too.

It certainly depends on what you would like to use it for and what your budget is. If strictly mining, it seems that the best support right now is for AMD cards, and the most bang for your buck is with the AMD RX470 or RX480. Looks like you can get them anywhere from $180-260. There is less support for NVIDIA currently but that seems to be changing. GTX 1070 is good but costs around $400. It's a phenomenal gaming card if you like gaming too...Would maybe avoid EVGA versions given there is a factory recall due to cooling issues.

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Thanks. Updated my instructions!

AMD 6950 windows 8.1 8 sol ! :smile:

MSI RX 470 4GB modified BIOS: 81 Sols/s on SilentArmy v5 latest on Unbuntu 16.04.1 LTS headless.

Running 6x for 490 Sols/s at 650 Watts.

:raised_hands: @mrb and @cryptomined (for the helpful vids)

Full details: Amazon.com 6 x RX 470/480 4/8GB GPU Mining Rig Shopping List - DIY

fyi claymore 5 is out, roughly opiminer performance

Mind sharing your clock rates and bios mod info?


Here are some of my VBIOS


  • The straps are just edited memory timings. So 1375strap is the memory timing from 1375MHz copied to all higher speeds.
  • The FAN versions have a modified fan setting for better cooling (but higher noise)
  • Original VBIOS is there
  • And a OC version of the 1375 strap model.

Higher power limits and TDP+TDA, higher clocks and higher power for the memory, as well as tuned fan speeds.

Keep in mind that you can blow your cards with those VBIOS.
I am not responsible for any damage that may occurr when using those VBIOS. :bread:

for rx 480 ref 8gb i use this bios: 31.25 v2 from here

change mem clock to 2200 core clock 1266
leave the rest as it is
for rx 480 nitro+ 4gb:
126 - 135 H/s with claymore's v5

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imish can tell me if
these bios is for hynix memory
470 4gb or 8 gb???

and you mean change only the memory to 2200
and cpu clock to 1266
is not to why?
watt per card at wall?

also any news version of these super v5
when v6 will be out?

It is hard to compete with the competitors like Optiminer or Claymore.

In my case Optiminer offer 80 sol/s with my hardware and SA5 "only" 45 sol/s.

So the developer have to do his hard work to compete.

im sure very soon, they dont like to let me sleep

awesome thank you :slight_smile:

Genoils SAv5 fork

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Thank you so much for this video!!

Question if anyone knows - this thread says "70 sols on GTX 1070".
I'm running a 1080 and only getting 60 sols.
Is there a setting I'm missing?

cheers and thanks,

your welcome,

im not sure about 1080, but i have seen after overclocking 1070's are getting 80+

for anyone wondering about the 1050ti... I have one and setting up silent army 5 jumped it from 20 sols (nheq) to 30 sols.
I also have an old GTX580 and it jumped it from 14 to 20.

well , there is plenty of already well performing amd miners floating around , i just dont understand why someone not switching focus to nvidia , person who comes up 1st with reasonable speeds can earn alot with dev fees ... just saying

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I've a geforce 820, I followed the instruction but this command doesn't work

sudo modprobe nvidia_361, I tried also with 352 but no result.

When I use silentarmy with suprnova, it works but I've back fatal error and 0 Sol/s

Please help me,

Thanks in advance