Mining Ethernet connection

Hi guys how are you?

Currently me and couple of friends are running 42 Rigs all together in a confined room. We are using a dedicated line of Internet for the mining room, with two Mgbts spliters connecting all the rigs.

We are correctly running on 24 Mgbts download speed and 6 Mgbts upload speed.

The issue is the rigs are losing Ethernet and not connecting.

What could be the issue?

I would appreciate your guys response.

Basically the picture indicates the spliter which feeds to the Rigs, their are two splitters which are connected to one router which provides the internet connection.

Ethernet Splitter??? for 42 Rigs. Really? Y-cables and such too?

Post a Picture of this Splitter.

I want to see it too and of course also the rigs :slight_smile:

you have two spitters…

Are they daisy chained? Meaning one is connected to the other and rigs are connected to both?
are you losing connection on all 48 or just the ones plugged into one of the spittlers?

If all 48, switch the main line to the other splitter … do you lose all 48 or just the ones plugged into the other ?

If you are still losing all 48 then I point you to your modem either losing power, or connectivity… plug a cpu directly into the modem and run a constant ping test. If the ping fails you know its the modem and not the splitters

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splitter or switch? I admit I can’t see nothing out of that picture. Is the floor with carpet?

Have you rebooted the switches and the router?

In any case, once you fix your internet problem if you havn’t set up a stratum proxy yet I would hiiiighly suggest you read this thread: ZCash Stratum proxy (Increase earning up to 10%)

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Assuming you don’t have a switch, get one, that will probably make a big difference. Doubt the internet connection is the problem