Network issue with two machines!

Hello all,

I am having issue with disconecting from the server and unable to connect. I have managed to isolate the problem but I was wondering if someone can tell me how to fix it? I have two GPU’s with two different setups(two different machines, with CPUs, motherboards and everything). Both are connected to the same internet provider and are going through wireless router. I start mining on the first machine and start playing on the second. As soon as I connect to a multiplayer game, the connection with the pool on the first machine drops and never comes back untill i close the game. I have no such issues with singleplayer games. My first machine still have internet access, but it is unable to connect to the pool when I try to play multiplayer games on the second machine. It is the same if I switch the machines. Could the problem be with the wireless router? I am unfamiliar enough with networking, so i will be gald if you can assist me. Thank you in advance.


Single player games do not require any network bandwidth since it is all local based, which is why you don’t have the issue then.

Switch from wireless to wired, and see if the problem goes away. You have a 50/50 chance that it will. If wireless is your only option, check to make sure the firmware on the router is current. If it is then your best option is to get a new router

I thought as much. Thank you for your input. I will try that. Once i have results I will post them here just for general information.

Just to clarify, the machines are not wireless connected. The main cabble is going in the router and from there I have two cabels going in the two machines, but the router is using dynamic IP. I will try to connect the machines with cabels using the MAC adress, not using the router anymore.

It turn out that both michines somehow gained the same MAC adresses. I have restored their settings. Now everithing is working without a hitch. This topic can be closed now as solved!