Mining farm currently being built looking for honest options

I’m currently in the process of building what I would consider a small to medium sized farm… I have 80 gtx 1080 ti’s ordered and the order just keeps getting pushed back and back again its already been pushed back 4 times now… Would it honestly just be smarter to cancel my order and wait for the new series cards to release? Or just keep my order and keep on waiting? Looking for some guidance because I’m not interested in just buying and trading ZEC straight up I rather mine it and support the network and the zcash coin itself… Thank you…

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When the new cards come out I’m assuming stock will be run dry very fast. You may have a similar issue if you wait for the new cards.

I don’t know if you will ever get the order. Nvidia has official said the 10xx is end of life. That means they have stopped producing them. Only what is left in the market is still out there. Now some of the makers like Asus might have had some parts around and are still making a few, that is why we see some coming on the market. Also Samsung announced a few weeks back that they had converted their factories to the new ddr6 for the 20xx series. So any 10xx cards now will probably come with crappy vram. I know I just got one. No one is getting the high overclocable Samsung vram till the 20xx series.
In my opinion you should wait. It’s hard to say if your current order could be filled. Then in a few months those cards could be underperformed by the new cards by 30 to 50%. However, it is unlikely that you will get a big order filled until summer of the new cards. Given the high price of cards, the low price of ,zec and the high difficulty, I would wait for the 20xx. You might profit a lot by sitting on your hands for 3 or 4 months. Just my opinion. Maybe use the money to buy zec in the mid to low 200s with the money from cancelling the order?

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I have some r9 cards if you wanna buy them ;))))

So what your saying is the best move I could make is to just cancel my order and wait for the new cards to release this summer? Because I originally placed this order on the 26th of January and here we are now and I still have not a single card from my order… It’s showing they’re going to ship on the 24th of this month… But I don’t want cards with crappy Vram because then I won’t get very efficient overclocks on my cards…

Thank you for the offer but I’m pretty much only interested in Nvidia cards I’m sorry =/

Samsung has stopped producing ddr5 vram. 10xx is end of life. Any 10xx card now produced is almost guaranteed to come with crappy ram that can’t be overclocked much. Personally if you believe in zcash it may be better to buy zcash is increments in the 200 range and hold until the new cards with ddr6 ram ship in the summer.

Here is one of many articles about Samsung back from January

I would just buy zcash buy I’ve already invested the money into my home to support the power requirements to run a farm and I dont want the 4000 dollars I paid in electrical upgrades to go to waste…

You will get your farm. But if you wait 4 months you will be able to by 80x 2080 for about 750us each. Plus if you are able to put all that money to buy zcash at say avg of 250, it could easily be 400 by the time you are ready to order the new 2080. It’s almost certain that if you get tour current order you will get crappy vram and your farm will become obsolete as every big farm converts to the 20xx series. If you believe that zcash will be worth more, it seems logical to buy zcash now instead of end of life cards

Ok… Then I will just cancel my order I have for the 10 series cards… Because I definitely do not want cards with crappy Vram in them…

no one can predict the price of zcash. But what I can predict with more accuracy is that you would spend 800 us for 1080 cards with crappy vram, that would be worth 400 to 500 us on the used market by the end of the year. All the while you could have paid 800 us for 2080 cards in the summer which are likely to have Samsung ram, and will perform up to 50% better. And you could pick up zcash in the 200 dollar range and maybe sell it in the 300 or 400 range by summer. In my mind it’s an easy choice.


even I am looking for building a small to mid size mining farm… now what i have read about upcoming news on Nvidia New GPU line that they will have separate mining card and prevent miners on regular GPUs… So nvidia is trying to stop GPU mining.

Still this is a speculative news.

And its better not to buy them now as your ROI will shoot up crazy with recent Crypto Market decline.

I don’t see how they can degrade mining performance without degrading gaming performance as well… It dosent make sense from a business standpoint to do that… In business it’s money talks… You sell to the highest bidder the people who put the most in your pocket… It could all just be a PR ploy to try to win back pc gamers… But regardless I canceled my order and am waiting on news about the 20 series cards… I’m going to wait for preorders to open up then try to sneak my preorder of 80 in with Amazon or a distributor…

everything you just said it total speculation!

No official pricing has been leased, no official technical specifications have been released, and the GPU doesn’t exist for you to state that its going to perform 50% better!

I’m late on this, run a smaller farm (50 1070s)–but think you did the right thing cancelling the 1080ti order. First, the prices are probably too inflated right now and if you really want 1080tis I think you can find them in smaller sets on the second hand market, see if you like running a farm, and scale up to more or to voltas.

Second, if you pushed them hard and got 740+ (some report 800 sols/s with bminer, factor in 2% dev fee and 1% rejected shares), you’d be pushing the power harder, say 200+ per card and even w/ decent electricity that is getting up there, especially if your prices increase with how much you use as some do. The 20 series will almost certainly be able to get you the same or better hash for less electric, or more hash for the same electric. Good luck, let us know how it goes

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Of course it is speculation. But some things are known. It is unlikely that nvidia will price msrp much above the last cards. That is not been indicated. Msrp of a 1080 was 699 so my guess of 800 is probably in line. Also next gen cards are usually 30% better. The reason I said 50% is that ddr6 ram which most altcoin mining depends is based on ram. The new ram is indicated to be significantly better than ddr5. So yes we could see some massive mining gains with the new cards.

P.s. I see zec around 270. Come on baby let’s get my orders Filled!

Samsung never made ddr5x… 1080 and 1080ti have ddr5x memory…

Where did u order those cards? Can’t find any…
Would like to place an order for at least 50 1080’s

What memory manufacture do they have? Who is making end of life cards? We are only a few days from when Nvidia is said to make some announcement. Samsung has already moved to ddr6 which is supposed to be significantly better than ddr5 of ddr5x. Still a wait and see. 250us for zec. Could see 200 soon. Not the best time to be mining. If you believe in zec, it might be more profitable to buy the coin. The Feb low of 265 was taken out. Now 253. But btc is still 8400 it would need to fall 30% to reach the Feb low. I’d that is tested the alt coins could fall up to 40% from here. That would put zec at 150us. I have lowered my bids. Will buy below 220 if there is no bounce.

I got some Evga 1080’s, they were all Micron
I also got some gigabyte 1080’s, I never checked those… just plugged it in straight to simplemining… they give 540 sols, the eVGA do 560 sols, and I’m currently getting the msi 1080 gaming X this week I’ll let u guys know what the memory is… not 100% sure but I though ZEC (equihash) is more into core mhz rather then memory…