Mining (for every share)

Since a few days my Mine (single 1080ti) is mining all day but on the website(Nanopool) there is nothing showing up what happened? What can I do pls help

The mining rate drops to zero for hours even tho the card is running at 100 percent and the mine shows that shares are accepted what is going on???ß

Internet consistent? What miner? What OS?

  1. My I gotta admit my internet did have some breakdowns the last days 2.I use excavator(got any better solutions go ahead tell me) 3. Win10 because the mining part with my rig is just a side thing when im not working e.g. sleeping…

Try ewbf or dstm. The mining pool is reflecting the shares that were
submitted as well as when they were submitted. If you arent checking your
miner output at the same time the pool reports 0 shares, youre missing
information you need to solve the problem. If you dont want to have to be
up overnight, have the terminal output the log to text file and check it
for connection errors.

So i should change my miner?

I’d start by outputting your terminal to a log file.
something like

Sorry Im a powershell novice, Tee-Object might be better for you than

./ | Tee-Object -file c:\scripts\test.txt