Pool didnt credit me for mining even though GPU was %100?

Hello, i am new to all this stuff, I have been mining for 3 days. However last night I had a problem. I closed the miner to give it a bit rest and then started it again as usual and went to sleep. The problem is when I wake up, my statistics showed that I didnt mine at night. My GPU was %100 and miner was working as well. I didnt get what was wrong. Software and hardware i am using:

Asus GTX 1070
Windows 10
EWBF (CUDA) Miner (zec.nanopool)
Jaxx Wallet

and i have copied the miner logs. I am cropping the middle part, showing the first and last parts.

| EWBF’s Zcash CUDA miner. 0.3.4b |
INFO: Used config file: miner.cfg
INFO: Current pool: zec-ru1.dwarfpool.com:3335
INFO: Selected pools: 3
INFO: Solver: Auto.
INFO: Devices: User defined.
INFO: Temperature limit: 80
INFO: Api: Listen on

INFO: Target: 000ffffe00000000…
INFO: Detected new work: 17070259
INFO: Target: 000ffffe00000000…
CUDA: Device: 0 GeForce GTX 1070, 8192 MB i:64
CUDA: Device: 0 Selected solver: 0
INFO 03:32:31: GPU0 Accepted share 105ms [A:1, R:0]
INFO 03:32:43: GPU0 Accepted share 122ms [A:2, R:0]
INFO 03:32:43: GPU0 Accepted share 121ms [A:3, R:0]
Temp: GPU0: 60C
GPU0: 433 Sol/s
Total speed: 433 Sol/s
Temp: GPU0: 64C
GPU0: 420 Sol/s
Total speed: 420 Sol/s
INFO 03:33:23: GPU0 Accepted share 115ms [A:4, R:0]
INFO 03:33:47: GPU0 Accepted share 98ms [A:5, R:0]
INFO 03:33:50: GPU0 Accepted share 113ms [A:6, R:0]
Temp: GPU0: 67C
GPU0: 430 Sol/s
Total speed: 430 Sol/s
INFO 03:34:14: GPU0 Accepted share 103ms [A:7, R:0]
INFO 03:34:19: GPU0 Accepted share 114ms [A:8, R:0]
INFO 03:34:20: GPU0 Accepted share 104ms [A:9, R:0]
Temp: GPU0: 68C
GPU0: 439 Sol/s
Total speed: 439 Sol/s
INFO 09:34:24: GPU0 Accepted share 125ms [A:2330, R:6]
Temp: GPU0: 73C
GPU0: 444 Sol/s
Total speed: 444 Sol/s
INFO 09:34:25: GPU0 Accepted share 140ms [A:2331, R:6]
INFO 09:34:28: GPU0 Accepted share 110ms [A:2332, R:6]
INFO: Detected new work: 17070255
INFO: Detected new work: 17070256
Temp: GPU0: 73C
GPU0: 436 Sol/s
Total speed: 436 Sol/s
INFO 09:35:02: GPU0 Accepted share 125ms [A:2333, R:6]
INFO 09:35:06: GPU0 Accepted share 110ms [A:2334, R:6]
INFO 09:35:11: GPU0 Accepted share 252ms [A:2335, R:6]
INFO 09:35:17: GPU0 Accepted share 141ms [A:2336, R:6]
Temp: GPU0: 73C
GPU0: 444 Sol/s
Total speed: 444 Sol/s
INFO 09:35:27: GPU0 Accepted share 156ms [A:2337, R:6]

Something i have noticed is the first parameter (“A”) kept on increasing (it is 2337 in the end). I could not figure out what is that parameter. My problem might be about it? I can post the rest of log if needed.

I am also open to all kinds of help if you have any recommendations. :slight_smile:

Thanks. :blush:
A fellow miner

I see mining on dwarfpool is that where you want to be?

No, not really. I didnt intentionally do it. All settings are same as i downloaded the miner. I only changed my wallet adress, and email. Should i mine in somewhere else?

Thank you :slight_smile:

I use flypool personally. However, most pools dont payout until you reach a certail threshhold. For example, I have mine set up to payput at .01 zec and it takes 4 hours to make that witj 4500-5000 hs/s. Is it possible you have not made the threshhold or even not set it to pay you?

If you are solo-mining, it could take days or even months to earn.

No no mate I know about those. My pool also pays me when i have 0,01 zec and I am not solo-mining. The problem I had is as you see in the logs, I had started mining at 03:34 AM and mined until 09:35 AM but in the statistics that time interval is empty. It is like i mined for another wallet, but I checked the wallet address and it is correct, I did not change it. I don’t understand what happened in that time. I mined for few hours but in website it shows like I was offline… I will also look for flypool maybe that is a better one. :slight_smile:

Anyone figures out what happened to my mining in that time? Thanks!

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I would make sure you initiated the right bat file. If you were in fact mining it doesn’t look like it was on dwarfpool. Chances are it probably wasn’t to your wallet either. I always copy a bat file and rename it to something different than the default ones to avoid issues like that.

Also, A: means how many accepted shares you have. That number will always increase and only reset if you reset the miner. R: means how many rejected.

Edit: Upon further inspection it looks like you want to mine on nanopool however, it’s pulling from the miner.cfg file by default which means you either don’t have a bat file setup or it’s not setup correctly. So its defaulting to dwarfpool and most likely the devs wallet.