Mining GPU choice

Hello, I have the opportunity to purchase an RX 470 and a R9 390 for around the same price. Which should I go with? I know the 390 is faster, but by how much mining Zcash? Does it justify the huge difference in power usage? Any help is much appreciated, thanks.

What versions of each specifically 4GB vs 8GB on the 470?

XFX 4GB RX 470. I hear VRAM dosent make a big difference for Zcash. MSI R9 390

If your electricity is really cheap go for the R9 390. Otherwise get Rx 470.

Remember you have to pay more for better PSUs too, or run fewer cards per system for 390 rigs.

If your electricity is $0.1 per Kwh or lower then you’ll make more money with the R9 390.

Ok thanks, I did the calculations and with my power costing 13 cents per kilowatt, the RX 470 was slightly more profitable so I’ll go with that.

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