Mining noob question

Hi everyone,

I have been in crypto for abt 6months+ and only been in the investing/trading aspect of it, and now want to get started with mining…

I have zero knowledge abt mining and want to know what kind of a setup i would need to get 5 ZEC’s a month. And how much would it cost me to build a setup to achieve that or can i purchase a readymade rig?

Any help will be appreciated.


I think In terms of 1080 ti’s you’d need around 13 of them for 5 zec a month… that’s around 9100~ sol/s… each card being $750~ without tax…


This can’t be answered concretely because it changes every minute, hour, day, week, month…you get the picture.

That being said, right now you would need roughly 10 KH/s to reach 5 ZEC/month. If you do a little math based on the hashrate of a particular GPU, you can get a pretty good idea of how many rigs you would need.


1080 Ti gets around 720 Sol/s. If you take 10000 and divide by 720 you get 13.88. So you would need 13-14 1080 Ti’s.


5Zec its about 9kH/s of total sols power for todays netdiff.

13x GTX 1080ti
16x GTX 1080
21x GTX1070
30x GTX1060 6gb

if you not have any experience with hw/sw i advice you to ask some friend for help …
its not only about mining rig, but with this power (aprox 4kWh) you need some suitable space with good electricity instalation and cooling system…

wow … i met with aprox same calculation as nekkidtruth and alabaster in the same time :slight_smile:

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Hahaha it looks like a few of us or on the same ball today :wink:


From my experience if you plan for 5 zec a month you will be actually getting only 4 very soon.
The overall network hashrate and difficulty are constantly on the rise so its inevitable that your level of earnings slowly dissipates.

If the price drops like its supposed to my advice would be to take your funds and buy. I could write a novel on my mining experience so far and im new in the game. I dont regret the mining investment but feel id be further ahead if i just waited for the right opportunity to bulk buy.

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I agree you could make more money with bulk buying ZEC at the right time, but for a non-trader like me, it seems so risky to buy rather than mine.

At least with mining you have something tangible, sell after a few months if you like, or use them for something else, gaming, rendering, etc.

So do what you feel like it’s more advantageous for you, imho. For me it felt awesome to buy video cards and mine… I feel bad that I didn’t start 5 years ago when I wanted to, but financial situation / mental readyness were not so ideal back then.


@AlexComan I totally agree on the nice comfort of having something tangible. I can always have a GPU yardsale and get a good portion of my investment back.

I as well agree on the aspect of not being a great trader, My first experience cost me $500 in a few weeks due to ignorance and lack of patience.

Where you can’t get mislead though, is even as a miner, you are in essence a trader too. At some point you have to sell your reserves to pay for your equipment, power and hopefully generate a profit. Finding that right opportunity can be just as tedious as the right buy/sell formula.

All in all it totally depends on what you WANT to do and what your end game is. If you are planning on selling your proceeds every month to pay bills, mining is a great option. If you plan to mine, hold and then sell upon an increase in value, you’re effectively trading.

The latter is my plan so when you calculate out the amount of zec I could of purchased at the same value of many many many 1080ti cards. Just be diligent and calculate your ROI either way, and don’t look back.

Good luck either way you go. Just be smart and invest/purchase within your means, save a little for extra unforeseen costs like some added fans, electrical upgrades, power bills, the odd extra cable etc…

Funny enough I generate enough heat to heat our entire 3 floor home. My electrician and hvac friends who helped me get setup say I have the only furnace that makes money.
Edit: I should add that my “furnace” hasn’t made any money, only costs. Not until I cash in some reserves.

3 rig of 7 x 1070 or 2 rig of 7 x 1080ti… this can be vary due to difficulty… if current difficulty going to stay the same (or minor spike) for this month, you gonna get a bit more than 5 zec with these setup… with the current price, i doubt there will be any major spike in difficulty real soon…

My rig runs 5 firepro 7000s at 1.35 khps and finds about 1per month, cost me 1200 and about 45 per month electricity so 5500 to 6000 is what it would cost me and 220 a month pretty much, maybe less if acquiring all of them at once, and winter offsets the heat bill, and obviously the difficulty will affect the turnout

Wow…didn’t expect so many replies…

Thank you so much everyone…

I do agree with many that it is better to purchase the coins in bulk at a cheaper price by spending 10grand rather than having to setup a mining rig…

I can buy around 55-60zec for $10k, whereas it may cost more for me to mine that much in a year when I add up the setup costs, electricity costs, maintenance costs, backup costs etc…and it doesnt help either if difficulty keeps rising…me not being experienced with mining doesnt help either as you can expect there to be hurdles along the way which end up costing you money…

I may just bulk buy once the price goes a bit lower…