Mining payout dropping bigtime?

For the past month my payouts have dropped drastically like at least a third

Yes. There are now 7 or so threads where we talk about the massive spike in difficulty

Does anybody know what’s going on looks like the hash rate is falling we’re not getting paid for what we’re doing

Yes. My best guess is that a lot of people have moved in to mine zec causing the difficulty to spike. If some big farms have done that then the difficulty will rise faster. Often big farms were created with cheap cards and have cheap electricity so the decline in payout does not effect them as much. Soon small miners could be priced out of mining. When nvidia launches the new card it will increase the difficulty. When etherum moves to proof of stake a lot of miners will move to other coins. If they move to zec, this will increase the difficulty. The time is coming when small Mining operations will not be profitable.


Curious what you personally consider small vs large farms? My plan has been to expand, albeit I did not see the GPU shortage/price spike coming at the beginning of 2017 when I began gearing up to expand. I am starting to wonder if I should just wait it out a little longer to see how things materialize…

I would consider a large farm with 1000+ 1080s medium farm would be 100 to 1000 and a small operation like mine has 10 cards. For people that want to expand the next 6 months will be golden. The new nvidia cards will be out. The difficulty will be high, the prices of used cards will plummet. Crypto prices will be flat to down. Then a tidal wave of people that came to the game late will be losing more than they are earning and will want to exit the market. The used market will be even more flooded with cheap cards. I won’t be surprised to see used 1070tis going for 250 bucks in a few months. It will be like the housing crash in the US. Houses that sold for a million a year before the crash went for 200 to 300k after in some markets.