Is your rig paid off yet?

Just wondering if anyone made enough to pay off their rig yet? and how long did it take you? planning to expand or keep what you have?

I but 4 GTX 1080 TI. and I already paid about 1.25 of the cards In about two months. And I’m planning to expand it about 1-2 more in a few weeks.

I started in late June with 24x 1070s, I’m about 50% paid off so far but I haven’t paid for any of the electricity yet so factor that in and I’m probably about 35-40% paid off.

I’ve been doing lots of calculations and I got to the conclusion that its about 8 months what it takes to be paid off.
I assembled a 3x1080 rig and started about a month ago I got 15 % of what I paid for the whole system.
I’d love to expand, with 10 times more hashing power of what I have now I’d be making almost a Z cash a day which would be awesome :wink:

Started end of June with 4 GTX 1070 about 60% paid

6 x GTX 1080’s End of July 40% paid

Estimated 6 months at the Time of Purchase but its more likely about 10 Months now with the Decrease in Profit in June was making $20 Day now $6-8


On the first day I mined WhatToMine was telling me I was making around $120 a day, now it’s $35 :cry: Never mind, profit is profit!

oh wow that’s a killer. yeah my profit went down too. I wonder if it’ll ever go up again.

from 120 to 35?? geez I wonder what the future holds. We might have to switch coins??

To be fair I knew it would never last, but I just hoped it might have gone down a little slower!

It hasn’t really changed much for me as I always wanted to be in it for the long haul, just means the gains aren’t going to be as big because the difficulty increased so much for me. But if you look at the difficulty now compared to 3/4 weeks ago we’ve gone in the right direction so that’s something!

Many people are questioning theirselves wether they’d swap to mine other coins or not as zCash is kind of frozen right now. The only one thing going up is the diff which had a reason to do so when Zcash was like 400 the unit but now it’s 230 and diff still high for thay price.
A friend of mine who invests and understands charts says the ammount of zcash holders is low hence price drops when some people sell and the rise when such people buy again

and did you expect otherwise when only 2 535031 tokens from the whole supply is out so far ?

I started end of August 2017 and have about 30% of the rigs paid off now. Hoping to breakeven by Q1 2018.

I am getting to understand that part as I am not savvy on that area :stuck_out_tongue:
But I see it now.
What I don’t know is wether I’d buy btc now or wait a little more.
Btc is laughing at even the wisest economist, pretty funny how no one knows what’s gonna happen and when the ones who know say one thing will definetely happen…it does otherwise xD

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well i thing btc it will drop after the 2x fork a lot of people just moved from altcoins to BTC just because they want to have free coins from the forks but yeah nobody really knows how it will be

Started in January of this year. Currently running 60 GTX 1070s, 40x 1080 Ti and 8x 1070 Ti. 70% ROI including all costs for power and rent @ the warehouse. Expanding into a warehouse definitely had an initial negative impact on ROI but after I max out capacity (hopefully in about 6 more months) I would anticipate ROI will happen rapidly. If I take into account the ebay value of all assets after fees as of today, I’m roughly 140% ROI’d. Hope this helps.

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I started mining on Sept 1, 2017 with (8) 1080ti GPUs and (1) 1060 6GB GPU.
Total cost of the rig was $7,310 USD

Two weeks before I purchased the parts and assembled that rig I bought 1.53 Bitcoin on Coinbase for $5,508 USD. That was on August 12th.

I want to compare mining vs an outright coin purchase and some trading over time.

So far, I’ve accumulated about $1,400 USD mining Z Cash. Future income is dependent on too many variables to make an accurate prediction, but a WAG would be about a year to pay off the rig.

The 1.53 Bitcoin that I purchased cost me about 75% of what I spent on the mining rig and has returned $4,555 USD over essentially the same period. I did some trading to help that return, including moving into Bitcoin Cash on Friday and closing my positions about 2am this morning (Sunday). A nice profit was made that does skew the numbers.

$1,400 mining Z cash for two months vs $4,555 USD buying coins from an exchange and doing a little trading.

Obviously there is residual value in the mining rig that I haven’t factored into my calculus.

Mining is way less stressful so I’ll probably take some profits and buy a couple of more cards and not check the the exchanges every half hour :wink:

I started in September slowly with used equipment. From 15 to 35 to 300 to 1300 Sol/s. At end of September “full steam”. 2x 970, 1x 980TI, 1x 1060 3GB and R7 240. I added then an other 970 which I sold very few weeks later with a gain. Now virtually 25% Percent paid off. Take that to 15% with electricity (free heating) included. Sometimes also surfing and gaming for many hours on a 970 while mining on the others.

So around 15% paid of with free Electricity used for heating. But loads of time and crypto universe learning involved.

But… Paid off is relative as I still keep most coins (differents). I sold to fiat or BTC only a little part.
So if I sold all today for Fiat. It would be paid of 25% without electricity. 250 of 1000 invested.

You must be very happy right now with BTC aren’t you?:slight_smile:

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When I calculate ROI, I include everything, from patch cables to zip ties and everything between.
My ROI always comes back around 300 days.
So far, i’m 2 weeks in :slight_smile:

how many cards you got? specs?