Mining rewards stuck in Ledger Nano X

I have been mining straight to my ledger wallet, and someone pointed out to me the other day here that I may not be able to move my coins. Well thats the case now, I checked and all last months rewards are stuck in the wallet.

Does anyone here know what I can use to restore my wallet somewhere else with Zcash?

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Don’t worry you are not the first to mine to a hardware wallet and later find out that the device struggles to combine many small transactions into a larger one.

The good news is that the Ledger uses a standard BIP 24-word recovery phrase which can be used with any other wallet that supports BIP phrases. There are several like Jaxx Liberty and Coinomi (and perhaps ZecWallet?) that supports recovery phrases.

It may take a little homework to figure out which one to use, hopefully someone else will chime in with experience.


thank you, just completed the recovery successfully with Coinomi!