Ledger Nano S wallet problem

Hi guys ,I’ve tried to send Zcash from Ledger wallet and it appear this screen for 15 minutes and nothing any idea what’s happening?

Thx in advance,

Did you mine directly to the ledger wallet? Because if it is a lot of inputs it will hang as it needs to sign all those small inputs. I usualy mine to coinomi and once a month transfer the balance over to my ledger to keep deposits at a minimum

Yes, I mine on it with 0.5 Zec payment ,should I raise the deposit?

That shouldn’t really be a problem then unless you get that like every day a few times. Did you upgrade the firmware and app? As there is a upgrade available since a month or so ago

Yes ,it’s updated to 1.4.2 ,I’ve raised the deposit ,i’ll come back with an update