Mining zcash on ledger

I have been mining zcash for the last 3 month and my wallet won’t sync because I have a lot of transactions. I didn’t how that this could happen. Any idea how can I recover my zcash?

Your Zcash is still there - the only way I’ve been able to get it to sync successfully is by uninstalling the Zcash app and re-installing it to the Nano S. If you do that, and then refresh a few times, it will slowly update your transactions and allow you to start catching up on your transactions. It can take a while, but that will allow it to start to properly sync.

You shouldn’t have lots of small transactions going to your Ledger wallet - If you look at the website, they advise against this.

Instead, set your mining to payout every 0.5 ZEC or every 1 ZEC and your Nano Ledger won’t have any problems.


yes, but only now I realized that. It synced 60% since I’m. If I will keep refreshing do you guys think it will finally sync?

It will definitely end up getting there, it just takes time.

Appreciate the info @zij