Mining Rig 6 x 1060 3GB - best GPU settings?

Hi guys,

I accidentally clicked ‘default’ settings on my 1060 Nvidia setup… Now I lost the settings of the machine - how I bought it.
Right now, after ± 10 minutes, it stops mining (no red text in the commands, just stops).

Does anyone know how I should set-up the settings? See attachment.

BIG thanks in advance!!

Extra info

It stops mining after 10 mins? Is the miner running but shows 0sol/s ? Do you see any “GPUX are stopped. Attempting Restart?”

Thanks @smokinggun46 for answering.
It suddenly shows 0 sol/s in Suprnova, and it doesn’t show any message in the mining ‘cmd’ environment. It just stops.

Because I lost all graphic card settings, I don’t know what to do with GPU voltage & Power Limit. Maybe it quits because of some power limit or something?

Any suggestions? ^^

Thnx in advance!

Before you lost your settings, was it running smoothly for hours on end?

Yes it was (1800 sol/s).
Update: just figured this out:

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btw, where did you buy your risers?

Bought the machine plug-and-play

Intel Pentium Dual Core G1840
8GB RAM/Memory
6x GeForce GTX 1060 OC edition 3DDR5
120GB Solid State Drive
ASRock H81 Pro BTC R2.0
1000W 80 Plus Gold Power Supply
Windows 10 Home
power usage 750watt

Still losing connection.
Any suggestions on what happens?

This happens to me when my wifi router starts acting up. BTW, you can get rid of DevFee in EWBF by using batch file like this

miner --server --port 3333 --user t1JsDuZtJgG9hLW4izZaetym4WBMq9tACdq.rig0 --pass x --fee 0

PS: I don’t hate the developers. I just feel 2% dev fee is too damn high.


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Thanks a lot @kdskamal!

It is --fee 0

There are two dashes before ‘fee 0’. IDK why it came out as single dash

Thanks Kamal, it is running like that right now :slight_smile:
Any comments on my GPU settings?

FWIW, I get this same “pause” when I click inside this window, like its a terminal window and is waiting for input - until I hit enter key, it stays like that, and once hit enter key, all the paused and rejected shares spring up, as the pool kept on sending shares…
Only solution, don’t click inside that window!!

Hope that helps!

So for you to dev pay @ewbf probably $0.16 to $0.25 a day is to high for the countless hours he has put into developing and enhancing the software for you to use your Nvidia cards to mine with?
I wholeheartedly disagree with your opinion.

No big deal. Opinions are personal and biased.