GTX 1060 6gb best settings to mine efficiently

Hello peeps,

Had being checking out mining about a month now. Read/watched various article, youtube videos.
for the 1st time I’m really pleased with what I am getting with my GPU.

Before I was getting only the hash rate + temp (with was 75 degree with 60% fan and 115W - which I was not very happy with since this is my gaming/working/reading rig >_< lol); and that too is Summer here…

To cut short, just got a setting where I am getting below:


Is there a better setting for this pls?

P.S bought the 1060 over the 1070 (can’t buy any GPU higher than these as they too pricey for me to even think about a 1080 - can buy 1 more 1060 by Jan 2018) mostly due to the power consumption efficiency.
So you can guess well; I am looking for the best setting to get the max Sols, low power usage and better efficiency.

Grateful for the help :slight_smile:

what are your settings?

are you sure? that can’t be at all. my 1060 6GB arrives with the same setting at max 3.03 Sol/W

My 1060 6GB…

On average3.5 Sol/W / 260Sol/s (At 2017/12/17)

–My afterburner setting

Power Limit 60 %
Temp Limit 75 degree©
Core Clock +150
Memory Clock +300
Fan Speed Auto