Support in mining zcash

I have started mining from Jan’18 using MSI GTX 1060. 1st rig is having 5 cards with gigabyte motherboard and 2nd rig is having 12 cards using single motherboard(18 gpu) ASUS.
1st rig is running smoothly but the second rig is crashing again and again. It mines for around 30 minutes but again gets restarted and sometimes hangs then I’ve to restart the rig using switch.
Following are the errors

Kindly help in solving the issue. I’m fed up of this .Thank you

code 46 is overclock or under powered… you need to post your clock settings, psu powering 12 gpu rig, etc

Just start from scratch with all the settings at stock.
Then lower the power to 65 % or 70 % and then slowly start adding core clock en mem.
Let it run and watch if it crashes. Core in stepps of 25, Mem in steps of 50.

What do you use to set the clocks ? NvidiaInspector ?

Hi. I’m not using anything to set the clocks.
Actually I asked my technician to make the rig but even he is unable to understand the problem.
I don’t know much about setting the clock.
Please be kind enough to elaborate.

And what about code :6 error?
What does it stand for ?

You should set the temp setting to from 69c to 75c, you never want it to run past 79c

What are the wattage, and how many power supplies are you running on the 12 gpu rig?

I suggest you use Nvidia Inspector to change the clocks. I would put the power to 65 % . I myself have the temp at Max 70, but all running at 62 max. But some more info on your psu would be Nice.

How do we come to know about the wattage?
Sorry I’m asking u such questions, but please cooperate.
I’m using 5 power supplies (VS 650 corsair) in 12 Gpu rig

What info . Kindly tell me ?

You have 5 650 watt psu. total of 3250 watt
12 GTX 1060 GPU, should be enough power to keep them running.

Do you have the Asus B250 board ?
Which Miner do you use ?

All depends on how everything connected. My concern is that he has this system and does not know the power rating of his power supply units. This is a problem when people have it built and do not understand the basic parts in it. He gave the type / model and didn’t know this was also the wattage.

How are the PSU’s connected (what connection adapter?)

You should have the motherboard - riser - and main display GPU and an additional GPU and its riser on one PSU

Then 3 gpu’s and their risers on a PSU
then another 3 gpu’s and their risers on a PSU
then another 3 gpu’s and their risers on a PSU

The last GPU and riser on the 5th PSU…

If you reduce your power from 100% to 85% you can place the solo GPU and riser on one of the the three gpu and riser PSU’s and only need four power suplpies

I thought I Saw in the first picture that You are missing some Nvidia shizzle. I would start from Scratch and adding the gpu 1 by 1. After the new Nvidia driver is installed. CitricAcid allready gave you a manual on how to install the gpu in a safe way. After Thatcher, bring down thema power to around 65 %

Yes , it is ASUS B250

Did you allready turn the power down on the GPU’s ?
Not adjusting clocks and mem, but only lower the power.
And I would re install the Nvidiadriver, on your first pic it seems like it misses some parts of the driver.

But who on earth build this rig for you ? Should be plug and mine :slight_smile:

no offense…but u have a bad inexperienced technician. 1st Check if Riser Card is not the issue. 2nd switch to Linux if u can… From what I read online when building my rig that Windows has poor support for multi gpu (more than 4)…

Yeah this is one weird setup for a 12 gpu rig. 5 psu with a total output potential of 3250 watts?

Each of those psus has only 2x 6 pin pcie cables.

Hopefully you got it sorted out. 1 gpu at a time.

Old news, Win has no problems anymore with more then 4 GPU.
All my rigs ( all 10 or more GPU ) are mining for months allready with Windows.
More then 8 gives the problem that Afterburner only handles 8, but if you keep em all the same ( lets say 1080 's ) you can set them all by adjusting 1.
On my combo rig ( 4 1060 , 2 1070, 2 1080 and 2 1080Ti ) I use Nvidia inspector.

Dear sir ,I strongly suggest you start checking the cards 1 by 1 . My miner is with 6x gtx 1060 strix 6gb and had a similar problem it turned out that one of the graphic cards came faulty and it was messing up the whole rig i had to test them 1 by 1 for 6 hrs each till i found out which one was the problematic one .