Mining rig minimum price beginner

Greetings Everyone,

I have started to read about mining zcash and think it sounds really interesting. I wonder what minimum price for a mining rig should cost to be profitable.

Thank you!


Before buying any hardware you may want to do some of your own calculations. Here’s a good place to start: WhatToMine - Crypto coins mining profit calculator compared to Ethereum Classic

You should probably be aware that this isn’t the best time to buy GPU’s though. There’s been a massive influx of new miners and there were issues keeping stock of most GPU’s. Because of that, prices were raised. In some cases significantly. Definitely do some research on prices for whichever cards you decide to purchase.

-ZCash Mining Calculator - My Crypto Buddy
are more accurate with estimates

-Hashrate Mining Calculator - Crypto Mining Calculator for Profitability - CoinWarz
great platforms to find out what to mine.

GPU stocks very depend on where you are from.

GPU’s are back in europe, stocks are pretty high and prices are low (even more if you have stock prices).

In switzerland you can find Aorus 1080 Ti for 850$ (740$ for retailers)
1080 ti gigabyte for 800$ (680$ for retailers)
1060 at 350$ (300$ for retailers)

(price example for 8 auros 1080ti)

5900 CHF ~= 6100$

I can over clock 8 of these babys to 6200 sol for ~1700W

stocks here are high and I find more than 150 GPU that I would buy ready for shipping (1 day shipping).

buy 1050 ti, or if you can, buy 1060 3gb or 6gb

Don’t get anything less then a 1060 6GB anything less is getting to outdated now

Sorry for asking so much, but my budget cannot go over 1 233$:
Can I get a whole profitable setup for 1 233$? Currently I’ve SSD disks, monitors etc that I dont need to buy.

basically all I need to buy is, GPU, RAMS, Power supply, motherboard.
The site I am using is:

i think with that amount of money you will get 2 1060 6gb and a set of cpu celeron/pentium g, 4gb ram, 160gb hdd and a 650 watt psu


This is my current build, I’m still looking for a motherboard, interested in buying a motherboard that have more then 2 pci slots (going to buy more GPU in the futures)

Im looking at these Motherboards -

And currently i’m up to 936$

I would go for the MSI Z270-A PRO Intel Motherboard its around 150$ and it supports up 6 GPU’s, I have in it two of My Rigs and I have the BIOSTAR TB250-BTC in my 3rd Rig but Prefer the MSI Boards as they will have a better resale value.


Which one would you choose from the list above-

3rd one is the exact one I have

edit : the price of the MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon is a very good price in my country cheapest for that board is 1900Kr

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Thank you so much!
I’ve managed to build a rig for around 1072$ thanks to you.


Is there a way I can count the -
Hash rate
My power cost is 0.06$/kWh

Do you think with this setup it will be profitable?

Yes you will make about 2 .50$ a Day as per WhatToMine - Crypto coins mining profit calculator compared to Ethereum Classic I have entered your setup here for a rough estimate


Oh perfect thank you Bakes!
Okay, so the total H/s is 540, power is 180.

I’ve tried to calculate this through / and it looks damn good!

I actually have a plan to buy another GPU… so total of 3x GPU

Hmm i got it to 483comp3

Sorry my bad!
Ok, I will probably go for 3x 1060! my power supply would handle 3x 1060 right?

So in a year i would make around 1000 - 1360$ in profit?

Sorry i always have to edit my post in order for me to reply to you since i have to wait 19hours to send more messages :stuck_out_tongue:
Is there anything else I need to buy in?

Thank you so much Bakes, I really mean it! are you mining for zcash or ethereum?

1 Like You need to add in the rest of Your PCs power 'so use this to get total Power did a quick calc 300W

I would bank on 500w ± with system + 3 x 1060’s

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The Picture looks like you have 1080’s Selected?

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Yes IT will handle it Easy, even have power to add one more later on, That all looks 100% correct Happy to help

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I ran 3 1060’s for 4 months on a 550w Psu, never had any problems, cards were using around 100-105 on 80% power.

So 750w psu should give you room for another one.

Be aware that a lot of the new 1060s on the market may come up with Hynix crappy memory which is not good for OC.
Not that big of a deal for Equihash, but still…
1070 - I believe those never come with Hynix. either Micron/Samsung (although samsung is probably mirage nowadays).