Mining Speculation/Strategy

I’m sorry, I got derailed by annoyance of just another Bitcoin fork.

But I definitely agree that there could be some huge movement at the launch. I do think it will be tough. Because BTCG already has attention from a big crowd. A lot of people might want to swoop in to mine the first few blocks. best case scenario, you’ll see a big dip in ZEC network hashrate, but I personally don’t think it will be for long. Because when the dip occurs, new people will be moving into ZEC within a few days.


Might as well toss BTCZ in all that mess too :wink:

One thing I noticed is that there are a lot of players in Flypool right now. Interesting thing is my immature balance is around what it was before the difficulty changed. Going to add an upgraded card to one of my rigs today to see if makes things better. Want to get back to the .16 payout I was at before the change.

Well, OK…but the basis of a coin’s value (real and/or perceived) seems, to me, to be highly relevant to the subject matter of this thread. If I made a persuasive argument to you that convinced you that ZEC was more valuable/likely to succeed than BTCG, would you mine a lot of a coin that was likely to not succeed (here, BTCG), or a smaller amount of a more stable/substantial coin(here: ZEC)? My hypothesis is that most rational people would choose the latter, and therefore, that very little hash power would be diverted from ZEC to mine BTCG because of it. Isn’t that speculative enough?

@Autotunafish True.

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If mining btcg and flipping it for zcash is more lucrative than mining zcash itself, it all depends

I imagine the amount of miners that go mine btcg to flip for zec will decrease the difficulty of zec mining so the two may not be too far off one another in terms of profiting, it will all depend on the pricing, now its just hurry up and wait

NetHash Diff over 10M, looks like big players still bet to big price jump of Z :slight_smile: because with this situation is more profitable NVIDIA GPU mining of ETH then ZEC …let alone with AMD

Wow, yes, I just checked whattomine… a site that I haven’t checked in months, and with my nvidia rigs, I get 100% on profits for both zec and eth.

Maybe more ex-eth miners just got a bit of faith in zec and are sticking with it.

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More profitable eth than zec how?

20x GTX 1060 last 24h …

I dont know dude, i have 32 1080ti and this is the real math…

Care to share how you are setup to run 32 1080tis? I would love to know.

Here it is:


My biggest problem right now is power. What are you using for power supplies and how are you not popping circuit breakers while running those. I have 3 rigs of 1070s right now and keep blowing power supplies. It’s odd because they are all surge protected.

I have turned the 220 from the dryer into 2 110 lines with 30 amp cords and i am running 2 rigs from each line.

That explains it. Since I have a gas dryer I can’t do that. I will just have to put a 50 amp sub panel in and run additional circuits to accommodate the rig. Will have to get my dad, who knows electrical better than I do to help me with that. In the meantime I will just have to at least upgrade the circuits that I am using from 15 amp to 20 amp to help with the extra load.

The drop in price is scaring off miners on Flypool. I just saw it drop from 45917 to 45859. I’m hoping this trend keeps up overnight when it’s cold and my rigs run better.

Yea winter temps are so much better

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2 miners, 12 MH? Is this as simple as a million machines running with the same rig name?

I would say that there are alot of miners doing that at the moment to Zcash, mining it on auto transform to another coin.
why else would you sell when zcash is at week low… and watching exchanges sell orders just supported my thoughts.

well in my mind anyway