Mining/Transaction Fees, a bit lost here


I was interested in trying out Nicehash, see if it could be profitable to rent some hashing power.

So now I’ve been receiving some Zcash (I’ve only been mining Ether myself so what do I know).
I’ve created a Jaxx wallet to receive these funds. And some numbers scare me.

In the Jaxx transaction history it says I received 0.0615 ZEC. Mining fee 5.9112

Don’t ask me why this is the only transaction showing, since I’ve got 1,96 in my wallet by now. But, did I really just pay close to 6 ZEC for a measly transaction of 0.0615 ZEC to me?

It would make sense since at the moment the Nicehash has been highly unprofitable, as in only about 40% of my investment will be returned to me (whereas my calculations predicted 5-10% ROI)

Some insight and help here would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


using a light wallet to receive payments is problematic for the user, pool moderators, and even fellow miners, desktop wallets are not only safer, they are officially supported by their parent platforms. And don't worry it takes a while to build up your shares in a pool but it is worth waiting a few days to see what happens to the frequency of cash outs. good luck.