Very high transaction fee!

Hello community! I am very new with cryptocurrency mining I know very little about it and I would appreciate some help. I have a pc with a gtx 980ti and about a week ago i decided to start mining zec in flypool to see if i could make some money by that. I got a jaxx wallet to put my mined zec coins in it. When i have reached 0.08 zec coins i exchanged them for bitcoins from my jaxx wallet (shapeshift) and i saw that nearly half of my coins went to transaction fees. I got 0.00290817 bitcoins and in my transaction history i saw in this transaction mining fees -0.0021279. Also when i click in the transaction i see that the amount of the transaction was 0.01294683 btc!!! This is the transaction fc1891db5a3cbf734b14d7370ed136efa9332a7b1cb4679e9250df7dc14ca3c6. Why did that happen? Did i something wrong? Am i going to lose near half of my transaction coins in every transaction in fees? I wanted to exchange zec to btc because i found out that in Athens-Greece, where i live, there is an atm that i can sell bitcoins and get cash (euros). Is there a better way to exchange zec coins to euros-cash? Sorry for my bad English. I would very very appreciate any help!!! Thank you…

If you want to get around paying the atrocious conversion fees, sell/trade directly on an exchange. There are still fees involved but they’re significantly less.

Setup a wallet at - I mine my ZEC to my Cryptonator ZEC wallet. Their fees are a lot lower.