Minor changes to Zcash Forum Guidelines & ToS

I made some changes that we’ve been discussing internally at the Foundation. No actual policy changes here, just simplifying the docs. Let me know if you want to see detailed diffs, I think Discourse makes them available.


  • I removed most of the default Discourse guidelines from our Community Guidelines document, since they were redundant.
  • I added this statement to the beginning: “Forum members should strive to be kind, respectful, and interesting. Ideally, your presence in the community should improve the experience for everyone.”
  • I rejiggered the subheds to make the whole thing easier to read.

I also cleaned up formatting of the Privacy Policy and added an email address to the copyright infringement section of the ToS.

cc @acityinohio @Shawn


So if I am not interesting I can’t be a forum member? I mean I KNOW I am, but I should ask around to make sure I meet this guideline :wink:


You don’t have to be interesting, you just have to try to be. Strive!

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