Misuse of the word "community" by Foundation and Panel

I think its material misrepresentation by Zooko and crew to continue to suggest that the “community” has acted, when the forum here is censored and being banned for…

Its about time to introduce coin voting, rather than complete appointed insider control.

Screen Shot 2020-10-03 at 11.42.05 AM

Hitmanhart has been warned multiple times regarding personal attacks against other forum members. Specifically, attacks against Daira and fireiceUK. A permanent ban is a last resort after the user continues the behavior they have been previously warned about.

The rules of the forum are clearly stated which every member agrees to adhere to when they sign up for an account.


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Why would you differentiate the ECC or ZFND from the larger community?

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There is no differentiation. The recent personal attacks happened to be against me, but the response would have been the same for a similar repeated violation if it had been against any other user.

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Sry I was asking lawzec why he differentiates, not shawn )

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