Mobile Orchard Implementer, Zingo!

All the caveats:

  • we haven’t completed implementation of sending and receiving
  • we don’t write to disk
  • this is just an internal test app (not on the store)
  • Android only
  • built on the amazing tech stacks of others
  • The actual implementors: @dannasessha @AloeareV @juanky

With those asides here’re some orchard/UA on mobile screenshots:

Now you know where we are. :wink:


FYI, Mobile Orchard wallet

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I can change the title when you release your wallet.

Tbf, you haven’t released either :wink:

It was just a FYI because it seemed like you were not aware of this mobile wallet for Orchard. It doesn’t matter who is first.



Thanks! Good point. I removed First.

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