Mobile Wallets - Z-Addr - Private Keys?

I’m not aware of any mobile wallets that will have Z-addresses which also give the user the private key. Are there any planned once ZCash makes it through the updates this year?

I am aware a Guarda, Freewallet and Cryptonator, but not of which right now have Z-addresses, and only Guarda gives the user the private key.

Z addresses are not practical until the updates on mobile wallets unfortunately, requires to much memory is my understanding, but that should be brought down to ~1.7Gb I believe soon…then it will be practical to do. Short answer…it is coming.

Yes, my question was, “are (ZCash mobile wallets with Z-addresses and private keys) planned for after the updates?”

Is so, does anyone know of some?

All I have ever heard is why they don’t exist “right now”. Once it becomes truly doable I’m sure one or all of the new wallets will start supporting it.

I know Gaurda has said they will be, and I suspect there are more than that (just haven’t announced yet)


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I would almost bet a ZEC there will be others. They are just waiting for it to be feasible.

The upgrades planned to come later this year - and they had better come on time since it was used a reason to delay any action on ASICs - should make Z => Z transactions via mobile phones become a reality.

I like the idea of having my own key and Z address safely in my pocket (backed up, of course) :stuck_out_tongue:


Unless Zcash is to remain a testbed for tech exported to other chains, usability needs to be prioritized. Hopefully the Sapling upgrade makes it possible to build UX-focused mobile wallets that don’t compromise on security.

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