Modifications to mine to a single t-address

Documentation is found here. Followed it, restarted, rebooted, but still didn’t seem to work for me. Anyone else have any success with this modification? too many t-addresses generated (which will be a good problem if it happens in production).

I am running this modification on 1 of my computers. It appears that if a t-address has an immature block it will flip to the next address. I am noticing 3 or 4 addresses being repeatedly used. This is not exactly mining to a single address but still better than a new address every block.

Thanks for your response. I will monitor and see. How many blocks are required before one is matured btw?

It takes 100 confirmations for coins to be spendable

If someone has modifications to the modifications for better reliability, let me know and I can update the docs :slight_smile:

Another thing I missed the first time I tried this is the link you provided does not mention recompiling after changing the code, however this one has you recompile with ~/zcash/./zcutil/ -j4. I did not let it run long enough without recompiling to know if that made a difference or not. Maybe someone who is a bit more knowledgeable can let us know if this is a required step.

Yes, any change to the code requires a recompile.

ah, i did not perform that step. just non-dev lay person here following the steps. perhaps good to include the need to recompile in the steps then.

ok. looks to be working after re-compiling using ~/zcash/./zcutil/ -j4 rather than the original compile command ./zcutil/ -j$(nproc)

thanks mv1879, str4d, Shawn23h.

Will this forever stay a patch to the source code? seems like it makes sense to make this a runtime config switch…