MSI Afterburner freezes and doesn't recognize card, alternatives

Hey guys,
I'm using MSI Afterburner since a few months, runs good so far but I found there some strange issues:

  • why do I have to connect a monitor once to the GPU so Afterburner is able to change the clocks and MEM, does anybody know a workaround for this?
  • when the system is running with OC settings in Afterburner, Afterburner gets really slow and temporary freezes when I click into the window, but it still works properly.
  • is there any similiar software to afterburner in Linux? I really like Linux more then Windows for mining but I also want a software for OC, also commandlinetools would be nice. How do SimpleminingOS and EthOS do the overclocking?

BR xMines

You do not have to connect a monitor to any GPU directly.

Computer does not have the best CPU and RAM I guess. So it takes some time for processing to occur.

No idea about Linux but others do use Linux so they might be able to help!

but that makes no sense, why it runs perfectly fine when I intially run Afterburner only afer OC'ing and running some time it appears. Also the CPU is at 50% load by Afterburner when it freezes.

So Afterburner is able to manage your GPUs even when theire was never one monitor connected to the GPU? As soon as I did it once Afterburner can handle the gpu.

Same thing happens to me. I don't really worry about it. Just be patient otherwise your computer will crash like mine does :frowning:


We talk about AMD GPUs? Hm for me not :confused:

Oh sorry. I have all NVIDIA cards