Which would be right PSU for my system?

Hi there, I just bought Asus Z270-A, and 3 Asus GTX 1080 Tis and the Cpu, Ram, ssd. I should buy risers too. I’m planning to use 8 GPUs on this MoBo. However I’m not sure which PSU will be good? By my calculations I need something around ~2600W. So, what would be a good choice? 2x 1000W and one 650W or 1x 1600W and 1x 1000W? or can I use 4x 700W?
I read that it could be issue of ports when using with risers (PSUs has few ports) when using 6pin risers.
And if you know some good 6pin risrs please give a link.
Any help is apprecieted.

For risers I use the Version 7. It is SATA powered and I know there horror stories about the word SATA. But those are SATA to molex adapters which melt. For the PSU, I have one 1600W right now and it can power 4 of my 1080 Ti. I will be getting another 1600W just in case I want to see how far I can push my system. I also recommend not getting a PSU that just matches your required wattage. Get PSUs which have “breathing room” so if your system is asking for 2600W get at least 3200W PSU combination.

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