My ZEC is trapped

Hello guys! I’m mining via simpleminingOS via EWBF+flypool and I send the mined coins to a wallet using Zcash4Mac. I regularly transfer my coins from taddr to zaddr and when I send out coins, I send from my zaddr.

Recently, I needed to fund my simplemining account. It uses a taddr. I’ve tried countless times sending 0.02 or smaller amount 0.005 ZEC from my zaddr in Zcash4Mac to the taddr in simpleminingOS. I kept on getting this error: Bad-txns-joinsplit-requirements-not-met error

I’ve tried sending to a zaddr as well, I would get a different error: selected input notes do not share the same anchor

Has anyone using GUI Zcash4Mac encountered this kind of a problem?

Please help! I feel like my coins are trapped inside and I cannot get it out.

Thank you very much.